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What is the most factual or most fictitious representation of science in a sci-fi/ syfy you have watched?

The line between Science and Fiction is thin, and movie and TV productions make it even more blur. It is hard to distinguish the truth; either it already exists or is being worked on in some lab with fiction; no one is headed in that direction or it has been proven not to work. Share on what you have watched or read and your views on the science or fiction behind it.


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    Jul 31 2012: I'm a big fan of Iain Bank's "Culture" series of books - where he describes :

    1)downloading the human pysche as a sort of immortality where one may access a sort of virtual afterlife, or reboot into a new body in case of lethal accidents
    2)benevolent rule by 'Minds': a type of sentient AI
    3)'Genofixing' of humans in order to benefit from extra drug glands, different skin colors etc
    4)post scarcity due to ability to create whatever matter desired directly from energy
    5)neural lace: a sort of www or telepathic connection with anyone or everyone at anytime

    All this leading to a highly succesful and hedonistic, but ultimately blase society, life having no more real challenges

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