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How can we make our TEDx Event really make a good impact on the local society, in addition of having a lot of ideas worth spreading ?

Sometimes you can feel that some TEDx Events in some areas in the world are organized by excited and inspired young people just to introduce to others the TED spirit, and after an edition or two, people (including sponsors, partners and attendees...everyone that can affect your event) start wondering if this global concept is really worthy and can really make an impact and create a positive change or is it just here for branding?

So what are the main ideas, we as organizers should add to our events and how to convince the local community of the real impact of this kind of events?

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    Jul 31 2012: The main goal is the kids imo. Get the kids interested in Ted just like they like Facebook (maybe too much of a stretch atm). We're not gonna grow as a community if all we have are the same old people (no offense to you guys :P). These kids are the ones who are gonna run the world like 20-30 years from now, not us.

    So to get kids involved in Ted, we need to first reach out to them, that Ted can be very fun. Then we need to empower them. Basically make them think that even a kid can make a huge difference. Adopt the mentality that no idea is a bad idea. And we need to listen and respond to all (as many) kids' questions/responses and acknowledge them for their intellectual thoughts. And we can't be like "I don't know, man, just look it up." We gotta be like "Damn son! that's a freaking good question, I honestly don't even know myself. However, I do know some good sources that may help you out."

    It's like every kid's dream to "save" the world and be the hero. I mean how many kids love superheroes like Iron Man or Batman?