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If there is Alien on other planets that has life than do they have religion like humans does?

I always wondering if there is alien on other planets than do they have religion too? do they believing god like humans do?

  • Jul 31 2012: Yes, I think so. I think intelligence begets questions, and the big questions demand answers. When all the answers to all the big questions are unknown, gods provide simple answers.
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    Jul 31 2012: If youve read Solaris (a great piece of science fiction) think about that living ocean.
    And think about the following question first: Do all creatures here on earth have a religion? It does seem like they havent got a religion.
    We cant even understand how a pidgeon perceives the wolrld, now move on to bacteria, the collective inteliigence of ants or bees and then ask youself if we were even capable to recognize or understand the way a completely diffrent form of live would process information.

    I would say yes but mankind will most likely never meet them. Mankind may find live on diffrent planets but i doubt it will behave like we do.
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    Jul 31 2012: I think so too. I'm beginning to think that intelligent life in general work similarly. But then again, we haven't seen another kind of intelligent life form other than from humans and other animals here.

    For all we know, there could very well be an intelligent race of Buggers like from Ender's Game.
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    Aug 21 2012: Just this week a couple living on the coast of our countries Hawkes bay area filmed a wedge shape formation of very high flying Very very slow moving objects of a deep orange glow,too high for Chinese lanterns and as far as i know it there hasn't been any genetic experiments of making birds glow.

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    Aug 17 2012: Try asking them.
    • Aug 21 2012: I wish I had chance to ask them but common bro u kno I can't ask them :D
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    Aug 1 2012: If they do and they've found us then in all possibility it's them that has steered us towards religion.We can neither prove nor disprove their existence,what if one day a flying saucer lands and out pops a little green thing and hands you a bible?that would make half the planet faint from disbelief,it would answer a hell of a lot.
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    Jul 31 2012: I guess so if they would be capable to face similar or even the same open questions and if they would have the same urge to get them filled in.
  • Jul 31 2012: We losing from time. To make time faster we need faster rockets. In the future I think my all question will get answers and prove. Without no doubt.
  • Jul 31 2012: Yes and probably yes.

    We are discovering through science the Universe is much larger than ever imagined. Even man cannot imagine the immensity of it all! Send out more probing missions and we likely will find more! Is there enough fuel to send missions to anywhere we imagine? Do we have the maps to navigate to anywhere? What is the route and what is the cost to find infinity?

    Life other than here on our sphere? Seems probable and such life and human beings may be far different that what we know. Alien means not native; it doesn't absolutely mean dangerous or threatening.

    Believe in God? Probably. We can't assume other life forms have the same pathway of philosophy and religion to come to know an Original Personality.

    A few details of these above possibilities are available.

    Musing, wondering, dreaming, thinking----these things we can do in spare time when not busying ourselves with work and family demands. How many questions and ideas come while in a boat with a line and bobber deployed----waiting?
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    Jul 31 2012: I will simply add... I believe every entity with a consciousness capable of asking questions eventually stumbles upon "Is there purpose and meaning in existence?". "Is there a reason there is something instead of nothing which is more powerful than I can even fathom"... As a bit of a pragmatist, and apathetist, I like to think that race of alien beings capable of near light travel, and communication with us... Won't just believe in a giant them in the sky.