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Why is it so hard to change tradition?

I read of an experiment on-line the other day. It didn't give much information about the origin of the experiment. But it went something like this, There are 5 monkeys in a cage, they have all been slightly under fed. A banana was put on top a podium in the middle of the cage, a monkey climbed the podium and got it. But when he touched it all of the other monkeys got sprayed with cold water. Another monkey went up on the podium when another banana was put there, except he was stopped this time by the other monkeys and beaten for trying to get the fruit. One by one the monkeys were to be replaced, the first new animal that was put into the cage mediately went for the banana, but was stopped and beaten. Then another monkey was replaced, he went for the banana but was stopped and beaten too, but the difference this time is the monkey that was beaten before joined in. The beatings continued as all the monkeys were replaced, and non of the monkeys knew why they were beating the other one up, only that they were beaten themselves for trying.


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    Jul 30 2012: People love being in control. Traditions represent something that they are use to, that they can predict. When you begin to change that tradition, people begin to fear losing control of the situation.

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