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If parents showed more of themselves, would kids develop better, healthier coping skills?

I have been trying to determine a cause to why so many children, teens and young adults take to self-injury, drugs, sex, or eating disorders.
I believe that if their parents opened up more about their struggles, and their ways to deal with the stress of life, their children would be better equipped to find safer ways to cope with life.

So, if you are a parent, do you think that letting your children see you as less than perfect is something you could do? Knowing that by watching you struggle and fight to be better, that they would be better for it?

And kids, do you think that some of our coping skills are learned from our parents? If things changed, do you think it would help us?


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  • Jul 30 2012: Hi Nicole, if your question is to explain why so many children take to drugs, self injury, etc... I do not think it has to do with parents opening up about their struggles and imperfections. I think it has more to do with two factors: communication and love. Kids and young people need to feel they are respected and listened to and above all that they are loved.
    Both factors are complementary. To talk without love is useless prattle and to love without communication is sterile.
    • Jul 31 2012: Thanks David. I hadn't factored in either of those.
      I'm not sure if the cycle kids and teens are currently in can be changed, but with more open communication-- and reminders that kids are loved--I think progress can be made.
      I will keep both in mind in the future.

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