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Where will we be in 2050?

Our population is rising and we are using more and more raw resources. And we do not have an endless supply of these materials and eventually they will run out. My question is that would we have adapted in time to face with that potential catastrophe or will we see a turn around in civilization as we know it? The UN has been accurate in the past when it comes to predicting the global populations, and it has predicted the population to reach 9.1 billion. Can earth as it is sustain such a number considering the rate that we we use our natural resources that are very essential to our survival?


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    Jul 30 2012: Having raised a large family on a limited income, I am not as worried about this as some might be because housewives have been facing this for ever. If you have limited resources to ensure everyone's needs are met, you use everything very wisely. It sounds simplistic and undoable but people everywhere have been doing it forever and often produce healthy and productive members of society who know how to consume in proportion while looking out for their 'sibling". Failing that we call in Lawren's suggestions below and go 'off world" for resources.
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      Jul 30 2012: Hi Debra, its always great to read your input(: I am taking it as you are quite confident that we will adapt our wants to suit our needs so that everyone's needs are met?
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        Jul 30 2012: Hi Peter, I think 'quite confident" might be overstating my feelings a tad but for the most part yes and here is why. I, like you, see all that is wrong but I also see that the mass of people are quite tolerant of the bs of this world that permits selfish people to waste and destroy. Humanity will start yelling 'STOP THAT' as soon as those entitled people are impacted. Unfortunately people suffer in the mean time and that is utterly galling but until the people of the world get sick of this suffering and unite to yell 'STOP THAT' in one unified voice many will think they can continue to get away with this crap because they think it does not matter or that they can hide behind pretzel logic. It has to end and I hope it will be sooner than later. I had 5 kids in a time of abundance but even now I see that it was a lot and even now, I realize it could not have been repeated in this time and circumstance, so even I would have adapted to keep them loved and fed and to give them my optimized best. I raised five on a cop's salary after paying off my house. It was my greatest life's pleaure so far BUT in order to do it I was content to have nothing but that at the time. Few people would be willing to make such sacrifices and even that would turn things to the better. People can only economize so far and then they look up and say "HEY. that's not fair!" and that is powerful because it embarasses the cheaters and cheaters always like to look noble in front of the world.

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