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Politics for Education

Education needs resources...including a political representative...
Resources are usually allocated to politicians or on their hands at least!
Many NGOs tiny or giant (e.g. UNICEF) trying their best to leave no child behind and it seems like it's open-ended thread.

Through analyzing our situation here in Sudan...and believing on Education as the way and only way to develop. I came up with this idea:
Forming a political party for Education.

According to Sudan political parties regulations we need 500 members to register officially...we started a Facebook group "Sudan Education party" last Monday, July 23rd, 2012... today, Monday, July 30th, 2012..we're nearly 1000.

As far as I know, this is the first of it's kind in Sudan (Don't know if you're aware of such initiative else where).

We'll resume our efforts to bring OLPC to Sudan, and make use of all of these TED talks/initiatives...this time with our own political support...

Your thoughts/input is highly appreciated.

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  • Aug 21 2012: Keeping the people in ignorance is one of they Master Keys that dictatorial regimes use to keep ruling the countries , such a thing would be strange for people who leave in the First World countries.
    But this is the fact , when people have knowledge and science they would start asking many natural and fair questions regarding their rights and freedoms , which is a RED LINE for such regimes
    wish you all the best in this journey Dr.Anwar
    BTW: i'm one of the attendees of the course which you gave about KM at the beginning of this year

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