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The ego creates suffering? Does suppression of the ego lead to " sustainable happiness?"Is love the suppression of ego?What does charity do?

If everyone worked together or independently to help people around them attain happiness, “sustainable happiness” could be afforded to everyone.Finding one’s calling in life is a hard one, especially because the odds are stacked up against you.There are always obligations, expectations, indoctrinations, reputations, and other things that just get in the way.Find your calling and all these things will suddenly fall on the back burner.Sure, the call of these memes will not disappear but they will not fight for control of your life, and hijack your happiness.Life, education, parenting, learning should be geared to finding what makes you who you are; rather than, taking who you are and finding how to be geared.The world needs a paradigm shift.It needs a shift from competition, status, and money to isolating and developing talents.Everyone has a talent or talents; and we have to learn how to bring those out.Allow that talent to flourish, remove the obstacles, remove the constraints of modern life and we have happiness.What if we took “the make a wish foundation” idea and took another step, maybe even a few extra steps than that, and started granting the wishes of the masses?We can make a doctor, a cancer researcher, a pro skate boarder, a dancer, a teacher, a microbiologist or, let a man run with the bulls, finance a lifesaving surgery.When the human mind is involved anything could be possible, anything could be conceived, and anything could be achieved. Let’s start granting wishes, answering prayers, make dreams a reality.Why not play God?When we start caring about each other, there is no limit that can stop us from doing great things; there is nothing that can stop 7 billion minds from reaching happiness.Let’s make happiness: sustainable, affordable, and ordinary.Happiness should not be for the few, misery should be.We can give more than just money or a check.We can give support, help, or any other service to make these dreams possible. Let’s make some happiness.


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  • Jul 31 2012: So which am I going to chose? Which one of these calamities deserves my valuable attention? Or which group of them? It’s very hard to choose. And I want to cause more than just awareness or the spread of the idea; I want to cause a change of ideas, of ways, of thinking, of life itself.
    Okay let’s look for a common denominator, something that all of these problems have in common. Some of these problems are natural and already have solutions. But, these solutions need further improvement to stamp the problem out altogether. And some natural and man-made problems coincide. Okay let us look at man-made problems; what do they have in common? As a human, I will make the assumption that all human beings want to be happy. What makes people happy can differ. All attempts of things are done in some way to satisfy happiness: either short term or long term. In the quest of happiness, most people will sacrifice anything to receive it. There are two types of pitfalls. The first approach creates temporary happiness. Because the happiness is temporary, the actions are repeated to recreate the feeling. Soon people may sacrifice anything to attain that temporary happiness. This can lead to problems. The second pitfall comes from the pursuit of promised happiness: for example the idea of pursuing money to attain absolute happiness. Two things may occur while this approach is undertaken; temporary happiness may be suspended for the perceived long term happiness, or people may sacrifice anything to attain the happiness sometime in the future.

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