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What if Dreams were required to attain the intelligence we have today?

It's known that animals can dream, as MIT research has shown, though a lot of people don't know the purpose of them, besides the interpretation of dreams that Sigmund Freud proposed. We know that they are heavily connected to our subconscious and that they are connected to our real lives. Now we know that animals, unlike humans, have short term memory lose, but when they are dreaming, their subconscious is organizing, and going through their past. It's analyzing their perceptions of the world, and reinforcing those perceptions. Is it possible that as it continually creates symbolic paradigms for all features of it's world, that through successive generations, that this way of viewing the world is enhanced and we slowly access this symbolic thought process in a first person perspective?

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    Jul 30 2012: Dreams are such an interesting mechanism. I've had some really weird dreams before that just made no sense to me at all. And then there were some dreams where I remember the feeling of the dream, but I simply don't remember what happened.

    There's an interesting movie on dreams and stuff called: Paprika, if anyone would like to spend the time to watch it...

    Dreams are an interesting subject, but I have almost 0 knowledge on it lol
  • Jul 30 2012: Genetic memory in dreaming. Like the axions of a nerve set, so are days of our lives, intrinsically speaking from a reinforced evolutionary schematic net collective subconscious.

    I like it for déjà vu.

    Also for likely causality of extreme trait expression as a function of epigenomic genetic convergence. A little from column A, a little from column B so to speak. Interesting!