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When I want to FLIP a YouTube video, it won't let me...? It says that I need to "enter a description" of the lesson but I can't find where.

I just want to know how to publish a YouTube video and FLIP it? The computer says I need a description, but I have literally filled out all the blanks when creating the FLIP video

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    Jul 31 2012: Hi Michael,

    The "Enter a description for Lesson" message pops up if the Let's Begin section of your lesson is completely empty. Have you filled out that part of the lesson editor?

    Please let me know.

    (Also, in hindsight, I realize that message lacks a bit of clarity in what's missing and we'll be updating it so it's much more helpful).

    Thanks for reaching out.
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    Jul 31 2012: Hello, Michael!

    Feel free to reach out to TED-Ed directly at, and we'll show you how to flip a video. I am not sure why it's asking you to enter a description. We'll look into it.

    Jordan :)
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    Jul 30 2012: I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "flipping" it
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      Jul 31 2012: It's a feature on TED-Ed's website.! Check it out!! :)
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        Jul 31 2012: Woah! No one's told me such a black magic exists in the realm of Ted, I am in awe!

        Pretty beast, guys, I am impressed with the UI as well :)