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How do you manipulate yourself - positively?

Your mind/part of it, knows that something should be done, the rest of you doesn't want to. What do you do?

I've read about intelligent procrastination. When attempting this, you deceive yourself into believing which tasks are more important than others. This stems from the conviction that you're bound to pick things to do of lesser importance, than the most important ones on your list.
In my opinion, intelligent procrastination is a way of intelligently putting your focus where you think it can make the biggest impact. E.g. you sometimes pick the easier task, of two, where the other is obviously more important, just because of the implied difficulty of the job and the quicker fulfillment of a job finished.

Another way I found to do things is doing them as they pop up in my head. I spend more time being effective overall, but I might not be doing things in the best way. E.g. you do not minimize time consumption on traveling, because the order of tasks isn't optimized. Overall I do think things through, but I feel I could be more effective and I’m looking for input.

Please look away from the mental age the above suggests and spelling errors, this is not my main language. First time posting, be kind.

If you understood the question differently, by all means describe that as well, together with your take on the question.



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    Jul 29 2012: Firstly, welcome and thank you for such a great question, Peter. English might not be your first language but you have done an excellent job here!

    For me, there is so much to do in this world that comes with its own motivation and I just seem to get into situations where there is not a whole lot of choice except to move one foot ahead of the other and to do the right thing. Maybe if you just make those choices long enough they get to be automatic. As many here might already know, I had 2 clots hit my brainstem after a spinal surgery in December. I started out in a coma. I really think my recovery was jumpstarted by the investment of love from a son who saved my life, a GP miles away who hung in with me and staff who just put one foot ahead of the other doing the next right thing for me. The sfaff were not all kind or caring but even one can make the difference between life and death. I was not expected to live. A TEDster flew in to be with me on what was believed to be my deathbed - I owe a great deal of thanks.
    I threw up 10-13 times a day for more than 3 months every time I moved and the clots in my brainstem rolled around. Blood destroys brain cells but when they cut into my head to take out the clots the bleeding threatened my life again. So you throw up. You hope for someone compassionate enough to do for you what you cannot do. I have an MA in Psychology and an MBA and that knowledge did not evaporate. I looked around as soon as I could and saw all those lonely, isolated needy people and staff that was taxed to the max. What could I do with clots in my head, working to talk and walk again?I hit upon it! I could listen!

    So what made me listen to those hard and awful stories when the clots pressed on brain centers that made me want to talk incessantly? Those stories were freaking compelling, and the need to express them was so great.

    So, what makes me do what is right? How do I positvely manipulate myself? I pay attention to my surroundings and to the needs.
    • Jul 30 2012: Thank you for your response, I have made a new reply, a bit long but I hope it's worth a glance from you :)

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