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How do you manipulate yourself - positively?

Your mind/part of it, knows that something should be done, the rest of you doesn't want to. What do you do?

I've read about intelligent procrastination. When attempting this, you deceive yourself into believing which tasks are more important than others. This stems from the conviction that you're bound to pick things to do of lesser importance, than the most important ones on your list.
In my opinion, intelligent procrastination is a way of intelligently putting your focus where you think it can make the biggest impact. E.g. you sometimes pick the easier task, of two, where the other is obviously more important, just because of the implied difficulty of the job and the quicker fulfillment of a job finished.

Another way I found to do things is doing them as they pop up in my head. I spend more time being effective overall, but I might not be doing things in the best way. E.g. you do not minimize time consumption on traveling, because the order of tasks isn't optimized. Overall I do think things through, but I feel I could be more effective and I’m looking for input.

Please look away from the mental age the above suggests and spelling errors, this is not my main language. First time posting, be kind.

If you understood the question differently, by all means describe that as well, together with your take on the question.



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    Jul 29 2012: The first thing that is necessary is for one to set one's mind on important tasks and urgent responsibilities. When one ponders on those things with a problem-solving attitude, one is bound to seek solutions and plan an effective action.
    There are those times when one feels like doing nothing, or when discouragement sets in. But one should not be stuck in a rut of procastination.

    It is important to divide tasks into the important and the urgent; short term goals and long term goals. When worthy examples of success have been identified, then one should follow such with discipline and courage.

    Discipline and courage are very important for anyone aiming at success and significance.
    • Jul 30 2012: Judging from your picture(read:age) there must have been times where you've been stuck in your described rut of procrastination, like relationships breaking, death in the family or the likes.

      You might be the type that works to get your mind off things in which case you might be handicapped when responding to this question:
      How do you pick yourself up?

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