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My quantum theory of everything "Quantum Philosophy"

Quantum philosophy is a metanarrative. There are 3 major categories for all that exists. 1) Physical things i.e. things with atoms (Manifesting Consciousness). 2) Things that think (Coherent Consciousness). And finally the fifth fundamental force 3) That which allows thinking things to interact with physical things (Perceptible Consciousness). Perceptible Consciousness is a totally revolutionary concept found in the book Quantum philosophy meanings, answers and Promises. By thinking in terms of Perceptible Consciousness you find answers to life's great mysteries. It is a indescribable enhancement to modern theories of Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Metaphysics.


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    Aug 4 2012: I think you should read Laura Ruetsche's research on the foundations of physical theories, particularly quantum theories. I think the quantum theory approach to quantum mechanics is very insightful.

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