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I cannot decide what to do in my life... Help please...

Please look at this link to see my other question, no need to answer it, just look at the first paragraph, and come back...
Well, i am facing some problems, i want to become a physicist, probably particle or theoretical physicist... (I am 14 years old)
But i cannot decide, as i face some problems...
1. Physics interests me a lot, like really a lot, but i want to live a comfortable life...
2. I do not seek money, i seek the passion and love of science. (apparently my parents do.)
3. I cannot decide what to do, i am confused, even though i love physics more than anything, my parents would much rather want me to live a rather simple life, and settle my life first, and then chase such what they call "irrational dreams".

I completely understand why they are soo concerned, but i am still not content, i love science, but then i want to parents to be sure that my future is certain, as i do not come from a rich family, as i may put it...

I may become an exceptionally famous scientist, or an unrecognized scientist which to some people never lived...
I do not want to upset my parents by taking such a risky and as i may put it, 'weird job'. Even though i love it... Please put some light on my situation and what possible options i have, and how i should be clever in choosing them... Do not forget to read the question on top, as it will help in better comprehension of my situation...

Thank you for your considerate time, energy and efforts to solve my personal problems!


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    Jul 29 2012: Physics, and particle physics in particular, are fascinating fields with a lot of path-breaking activity happening right now.

    You are only fourteen and do not need to have your life planned yet. My advice to any young person (and my son is your age) is to take the courses and expend the energy to lay a foundation for a range of options in the future.

    Math and science are useful in addition to intriguing to you and can form a basis for physics, for engineering, for medical fields... and financial assistance for university will be available.
    • Aug 25 2012: Thank you for your time. I really appreciate your honest reply :)

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