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I cannot decide what to do in my life... Help please...

Please look at this link to see my other question, no need to answer it, just look at the first paragraph, and come back...
Well, i am facing some problems, i want to become a physicist, probably particle or theoretical physicist... (I am 14 years old)
But i cannot decide, as i face some problems...
1. Physics interests me a lot, like really a lot, but i want to live a comfortable life...
2. I do not seek money, i seek the passion and love of science. (apparently my parents do.)
3. I cannot decide what to do, i am confused, even though i love physics more than anything, my parents would much rather want me to live a rather simple life, and settle my life first, and then chase such what they call "irrational dreams".

I completely understand why they are soo concerned, but i am still not content, i love science, but then i want to parents to be sure that my future is certain, as i do not come from a rich family, as i may put it...

I may become an exceptionally famous scientist, or an unrecognized scientist which to some people never lived...
I do not want to upset my parents by taking such a risky and as i may put it, 'weird job'. Even though i love it... Please put some light on my situation and what possible options i have, and how i should be clever in choosing them... Do not forget to read the question on top, as it will help in better comprehension of my situation...

Thank you for your considerate time, energy and efforts to solve my personal problems!


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  • Jul 30 2012: Yash,

    I am a university professor and can tell you first hand that physics professors, at least in the US, are highly valued and make enough money to live comfortable lives. And of course, the better the work of the physicist, the more highly paid and well regarded he or she is. Follow your passion and see where it takes you. I agree with those who tell you to remain flexible; life unfolds in unexpected ways and one does need to be alert for signs and signals along the road that can lead you to the next place. Maybe your love of physics will blossom into something else. But do what you love and be yourself. Work hard and see what happens. The rest will come with time.

    Good luck.
    • Aug 25 2012: Thank you! and Hello :P
      I feel kind of lost, and i need a bit of guidance.
      I would be nothing but grateful if you could add me on facebook so that we can have a friendly science-career based conversation online.
      Thank you for your time.
      P.S. My facebook id: akhauri.yash@gmail.com
      Link to my account: http://www.facebook.com/akhauri.yash
      Thank you (No pressure on adding me :|)

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