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Are teachers not as important as before?

With the development of technology,computers are widely used in the classroom.Some people assert that teachers are not as important sa before.
Do you agree with it?Please share your ideas .
PS:My emphasis is "not as important as before" but not teachers are not important now.

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    Jul 29 2012: I would argue that people labeled "teachers" are not as important as before. The "teacher" is no longer the only store-house of knowledge. The textbook is also no longer the only store-house of knowledge. Most information can be found from a quick search on the Internet.

    I would also argue that a GOOD teacher is as important as in the past. A good teacher will inspire you, change your perspective, teach you a process, or synthesize knowledge/experience/ideas in ways that the internet just can't do. I also think that some of these people are not labeled "teachers", but are instead co-workers, peers, parents/elders, etc. Some of them are also in the traditional role of "teacher".
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    Jul 29 2012: Some roles of the teacher are less important, some of the same importance, and some more important. The teacher is less important as a source of "direct instruction" in the sense of telling facts than they were decades ago. Teachers may be more important as sources of guidance and cognitive and social development, incliuding in fostering collaborative learning and work, than they were when life was simpler and when parents had more time for their children. And thanks in part to technology, teachers are freed now to play a larger role in building critical thinking skills and promoting higher level questioning, inquiry, and reflective practice.
  • Jul 30 2012: Good job Jared. Of course define teacher, options other than a traditional classroom, purposes, etc. On may now look to learn in places other than the little red schoolhouse. It might be ted, the teaching company coursera.the paper, other people, PBS. NPR, BBC. Books, Museums, etc. With higher education becoming less available in some countries the future John Steinbeck, Eric Hoffer, Eric Blair, H.G. Wells, A. Lincoln, T. Edison, N. Tesla will have so many more options. Of course, the young Lao Tsu or Gandhi will have new outstanding universities and these options.
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    Jul 29 2012: Teachers are as important as before. And will likely remain as important for as long as teaching is important. The mode of instruction could change, and in fact, should change. But teachers teach, and teaching is as important as always in our quest for knowledge. Education is about the human; hence human communication would go farther as far as effectiveness is concerned.