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Is the Firestorm Against Chik-Fil-A Justified?

With Chik-Fil-A's recent announcement that they support a traditional marriage they have under a firestorm of serious proportions. It was surprising to see that so many people were unaware that a Christian company, that is closed on Sunday's, is a proponent of traditional marriage.

However, with that aside, are the attacks warranted? Does Chik-Fil-A deserve such harsh actions against them. The mayor of Boston has banned them from the city. Boycotts have been planned. People have taken up arms against Chik-Fil-A. Do they Deserve this?


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  • Aug 4 2012: I don't think that the mayor has the power to ban a company in Boston, but if he can then I don't think it's justified by Chick-Fil-A's comments.
    However, all other instances of anti or pro Chick-Fil-A demonstrations are completely warranted. Chick-Fil-A has become a conduit for people to express their opinions on marriage equality. In my opinion the CEO of Chick-Fil-A made a very bad business decision by expressing his opinions to an audience (his customers) in which at least 50% disagree with him.
    On another note this is a truely beautiful example of the freedom of speech. Even someone like me who is strongly opinionated on this issue can see that.

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