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Is the Firestorm Against Chik-Fil-A Justified?

With Chik-Fil-A's recent announcement that they support a traditional marriage they have under a firestorm of serious proportions. It was surprising to see that so many people were unaware that a Christian company, that is closed on Sunday's, is a proponent of traditional marriage.

However, with that aside, are the attacks warranted? Does Chik-Fil-A deserve such harsh actions against them. The mayor of Boston has banned them from the city. Boycotts have been planned. People have taken up arms against Chik-Fil-A. Do they Deserve this?


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    Jul 29 2012: This is a difficult question to answer. I'm not sure what grounds for being "justified" is. A lot of people feel very strongly about this issue. Those who support traditional marriage (disclaimer: I am guessing here) feel that their religious/moral values are being threatened by the possibility of same-sex marriages. Those who support marriage between any two humans not presently married and greater than some age (trying to be as board but specific as I can with this categorization) feel that basic human rights are being violated. Given those feelings, any national organization is bound to be under a firestorm from one side or the other. If the reasons behind those feelings are true (and people on both sides think that they are backed by some truth), then such demonstrations are completely justifiable. I would imagine that where you fall on this issue affects how you answer this question (whether or not the firestorm is justified).
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      Aug 1 2012: The only problem is that one side isn't backed by truth at all on this issue. The idea that someone else's definition of marriage somehow impacts your own is complete and utter nonsense, and the people spreading this nonsense know it, they just want to drum up anger and hatred.
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        Aug 1 2012: I certainly agree that one side (being against "gay marriage") is wrong. However, someone from the other perspective may believe that we are inviting G-d's judgment / condoning a grave sin if "gay marriage" is allowed. I highly doubt that anyone spreads an idea that they don't believe just because they want to drum up anger and hatred. That may be the outcome of their behavior, but I disagree with what you charge as the motivation. If that is an expression of frustration on your part with what you perceive as obstinacy from those against "gay marriage", I can sympathize. However, I don't think such misplacement of motivations is productive, they just stoke further "anger and hatred" from those that disagree with you.
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          Aug 1 2012: Fair point... I think what I really meant... is that... One can only spend a limited amount of time on TV and in the media. One can only spend so much time on political causes. To call yourself Christian, and then dedicate time to those issues, rather than other much more pressing concerns of the poor and the unfortunate, is pure hypocrisy.

          Chik Fil A could have spent its time and energy, feeding poor people chickens, or giving free bibles out at a homeless shelter. They could have organized a charity event, for something productive, and gotten good press... Instead they chose this issue.

          In doing so they have proven that this is not about their faith, which would suggest much more productive means of helping one another... It's an outlet for anger they already experience with a group growing in self respect, that they don't like. This anger may also stem from gods wrath and judgment, but it is anger nonetheless.

          Spending time, money, and energy, on the gay rights issue, is not an act of faith, it's an act of anger. There are much more positive, and healthy ways someone can influence their community, and the bible is a book that will suggest a few.

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