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Think outside the box: Finding a way to eliminate Alzheimer's.

We have searched for a way to cure Alzheimer's. Perhaps it is time to think outside the box and find Alzheimer's. I propose that scientist should find the areas in the brain that Alzheimer's is in and eliminate them. It might be a easier path towards finding a way of curing Alzheimer's than finding the cure itself. The science community should focus in finding where Alzheimer's begins, perhaps it is a cell like cancer that has to be eliminated before spreading to the rest of the brain.

  • Jul 28 2012: "Alzheimer" is not in the brain, it is on the brain, simple explained. I doubt it is a "cure" to take out people complete brain...
    Cancer is also no cell, cancer is a normal cell which mutates/grows in a wrong way at a wrong time. These are already taken out, but not to cure something, but to stop spreading.

    Alzheimer is agglutinated albumin that "falls" on the brain cells and irritates them. Of cours, when you amputate these parts, there is nothing left to be irritated, but your patient is a zombie, cause Alzheimer or better the albumin can be found anywhere up to all parts of the brain finally.

    If you want to cure that you need to discover why it agglutinates and why this happens in the brain area. Best way is to prevent that agglutination process or to revert that process. Means, if the agglutinated albumin is the cause, not the result of alzheimer disease. Could also be just an effect that is just notable in people who already have alzheimer.
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    Jul 29 2012: The only thing I know about Alzheimer's is that the result is a person literally with deteriorations and holes in the brain. So one "cure" for Alzheimer's is prevention. My mom owns a startup on selling products like these to give people better nutrition and supplements. She's a strong believer in the fish oil and antioxidants to keep a healthy brain.
  • Jul 28 2012: In order to do this we must think differently. We must create things differently. Do it where no one has been there before. Never seen before. Push beyond the rules. Forget the rules.