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Laboring by the human race will someday be extinct. We've been working on eliminating the need for employment since the start of thinking.

All our creativity has been constantly moving in this direction throughout the ages of mankind. We invent either so we can loaf or to take what somebody else's labor has produced so we don't have to produce it. Since the start of the industrial revolution we have been inventing ways to eliminate the human in production. We're reaching a point to where human labor will someday, and that day may not be far away, will no longer be necessary. What do we do with our time then? What will happen to all the humanoids that never opted into being human? They only know how to act like animals: behaving according to primitive drives without regard for human qualities.
Our abundance of food has produced overpopulation which is the sacred cow of any discussion. It is very rarely approached except to try to conceive of ways to produce more supply rather than reducing the demand. Is it better to have billions of people on a crowed planet or less enjoying the bounties of nature without the crowding and shortages?
As smart as we are it takes us a long collective time to figure these basic things out. We have to stop thinking just in terms of keeping as many humans alive as possible to planned parenthood for the planet basing our decisions in the framework of this tiny speck of dust in the void.

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    Jul 29 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    Extinction of forced laboring is always welcome but the condition is; all humanity gets to share the outcome of automation rather than few corporation. What I mean is technology should be applied for greater good than just to increase profit of some individual or corporate. When we become free of forced labor we will be able to explore more and might accomplish greater understanding of our existence.
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      Jul 29 2012: Absolutely. Technology in the hands of despots is just as powerful a force for evil as it would be for good in the hands of opted in humans. It seems to be taken over by the animal humanoids much more quickly than by the opted in humans who would use it with benefits for everyone as their prime directive. The reptilian brain directives of the 2 legged animal is the obstacle to any kind of civilized cultural organization.
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      Aug 3 2012: apple does not provide iphones to millions of people? suzuki does not provide cars? walmart does not offer heaps of stuff? i don't understand how would modern industry only serve a few. it seems that everyone is benefited.
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        Aug 4 2012: you talk about what is happening right now and I am talking about how it may or should happen. I think production of any kind should be public owned and automated whether it's iphone, cars or even houses. People in general should concentrate on newer technological achievements and such achievements should be implemented by public owned (global scale) production places so that even if there is profit it gets distributed equally.

        Current structure of private ownership or limited ownership has caused unnecessary conflict and created obstacle in implementing technology which are truly good. Greed has made us blind so unlimited public ownership should be the key.
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          Aug 4 2012: why would it suddenly happen differently? automation is ongoing for thousands of years. always happened to the benefit of the masses. the majority of this progress happened in the 19th and 20th century, in capitalist economies. you seem to live in an imaginary world.
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        Aug 7 2012: krisztian, we all are living in somebody's imaginary world today cause all change comes from imagination so why not to imagine.

        reason it should happen differently is felt more by people who don't have than people who have, I don't know which side you belong but I belong to the have not. But I do agree imagination alone will do nothing so I am working on it as well.

        Regarding the progress that happened in the 19th and 20th century we all know the extent of damage we have done to our habitat. I also feel that all things that grow big and strong aren't necessarily good and I seriously feel the type of economy I see today is more evil than good.
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          Aug 7 2012: evasive maneuver followed by the shift of goalpost.

          that imaginary world and dream idea, i don't know where it came from and what does it have to do with our discussion. my claim was that you hugely benefit from all these advancements. you are the consumer that uses more advanced, less expensive products. you wear clothing that was made on a weaving machine, you use a cellphone that was made in a modern factory. you claim to be a havnot, but 400 years ago, the same annual income was the norm in europe and US too. what changed it is the industrial revolution brought about by free market capitalism. everything we have is result of that.

          and then you suddenly move the goalpost to damaging habitat. quite a journey from not having any benefits to this.

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