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How come nobody use ultrasound technology for food production ?

I was watching a documentary about the crop circles and some researchers were studying the plants and how their atomic structure is changed. So they come to the conclusion that the atomic structure of the plants has been changed by ultrasound waves which heat the internal structure of the plants. So they tried to reproduce this effect on other plants with ultrasound waves, but it was difficult to get the right frequency. They always either burned the plant or couldn't get the right frequency, but they said that if they get the right frequency, they can literally feed the whole planet just from 1 crop. They can reproduce them over and over again. So, it got me wonder, how come nobody is doing any research about that ? If thats possible, to heat the plants internally and make them grow faster and so on, why don't we use this and end the food crisis ?


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    Jul 28 2012: That's really cool! Are there any drawbacks?
    • Jul 28 2012: I haven't done the research and experiments myself, but, according to the information and videos i saw, there is no drawbacks. Ultrasound waves are like microwaves that heat your food internally. They change the atomic structure of the plant making it grow faster. So, if today, it takes 1 year to harvest 1 crop plant 2 or 3 times, if you use ultrasound to exceed the atomic grow of the plant from inside, you will be able to harvest 1 crop plant 100 times a day or even more. With 1 crop plan we will be able to feed the whole planet.
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        Jul 29 2012: Dang...

        But by that idea of changing the atomic structure of the plant to make it grow faster, then wouldn't we also be able to do that with humans too? Not that I'm saying we would want to do that or not, just speaking the possibilities.

        But if no one else has tried it, maybe you should talk with some other guys in more expertise around the food industry or research.
        • Jul 29 2012: Well, im not a biologist but humans ''growth'' is not the same as plants growth. First of all, plants don't grow, they simple change their structure in reaction with the sun light and the soil. Humans are the same only we don't change in reaction by the sun's light and soil but rather by eating and learning. Anyway, there is a iPS cells research going on in many countries that aims at modifying the DNA of a person. If we are able to change the DNA the way we want, obviously that would be great.

          If you want more information about the iPS cells research, check Shinya Yamanaka and Ian Wilmut. These two people have made a lot of contribution to the development of the iPS cells research.

          Well, like i said, i am not biologist and im afraid i don't know any people that would be able to do anything about it. Although i do know some students that are studying agriculture. I might ask them if they can do anything about it.

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