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Why is it so acceptable to pick on fat people? What's behind the media's attack on fat?

The media seems to be obsessed with fat. Fat people are pictured as having less value in our society. They are ridiculed and discriminated against. The worse part of it is that society is beginning to view anyone who doesn't fit the classic body mold, as fat. News channels will run stories on the evils of being a bully. Then they run 2 more stories about how fat people are draining society. Who's the real bully?


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    Jul 29 2012: Because we are hard-wired deep down in the squishy-gray motherboard to be socially interdependent. We are tribal animals and each of us is strengthened or weakened by behaviors and traits that strengthen or weaken the group. Being obese is a liability (from the millions of years when we measured that in terms of being slower runners & worse hunter-gatherers, to modern settings where we see more sick days, lower productivity/energy levels, etc.). We therefore exert social pressure on those individuals to improve (i.e., to reduce their perceived liability).

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