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Will robots eventually take over the world & invade our lives? will they be the next weapon of mass destruction in wars?

Repeated statements have been made by many educated people around the globe that if we continue to make robots ever more intelligent, self aware, smart, powerful, & emotional driven, could they eventually take over and enslave us? Certainly, computer-driven systems can solve mathematical questions far faster than we. We can make them stronger than the individual, and certainly the robotic arms in an auto factory can be dangerous to the worker there. They could even become so small as to be breathed into our lungs and travel all through us. And we fly ones that kill or assisentate enemy civilians. but will they reach the point where they can master over their creators, will we witness a real life version of "I, Robot" movie.

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    Jul 28 2012: Well in a sense, they already have. We have smartphones, laptops, tablets, and personal computers. They pretty much have already "invaded" into our lives so to speak.

    Now if you're talking about Terminator Skynet-style takeover, no I don't think they will take over our lives. The only way for a machine to take over our lives is if we let them to. I'm 99.9999% sure that robots and computers atm are not self-aware or curious learners or have emotions. Thus, they can only do what they're told to do in their code or script. If we code a machine to run an infinitely recursive script, it will do that and only that.

    The other thing is that how we process information is MUCH different than how a computer processes information. It's crazy how humans can recognize images in an instant. It takes supercomputers with millions of pictures of cats, to recognize that this is a picture of a cat. A computer will process 0's and 1's much better than us. When we look at 0's and 1's, it pretty much doesn't mean anything to an average person. A computer and a human brain simply are just different on a fundamental level.
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    Jul 29 2012: I actually believe the human ego keeps this in check. No one smart enough to design a robot that could think for itself... would want to. Truly creative and brilliant people, realize that once they design a truly creative and brilliant robot... they're obselete.
  • Jul 29 2012: it depends on how we humans make them and train them.
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    Jul 29 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    The main question is "Do we believe we can create such a robot?". If yes then yes it is possible. However if we start to believe we can stop them then we will stop them as well.
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    R H

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    Jul 28 2012: Yes. and yes.