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Can we use 100% of our brains?

I think that yes, in fact, with technology the way it is and how far many people have come with research projects that soon we will be able to use all of our brain.

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    Mar 18 2011: It's an urban legend that people only use 10% of their brains. A lot of brain power is dedicated towards managing the body's systems and maintaining homeostasis. However visual processing and environmental processing (involves a lot of filtering) consumes by far the largest portion of our brain power. Remember that sight is our greatest evolutionary adaptation and being a predatorial species, our brains are constantly searching for patterns and anomalies. The brain works by figuring out how something functions, then reiterating the process until it gets buried into the sub-conscious and becomes automated.
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      Mar 18 2011: I support Philip's point about it being a fallacy that we only use ten per cent of our brains. What do people think the rest of their grey matter is doing- filling space?
      Just because we do not yet understand what it does- doesn't mean its not working.
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      Mar 19 2011: "Remember that sight is our greatest evolutionary adaptation and being a predatorial species, our brains are constantly searching for patterns and anomalies"whenever on lsd/mushrooms/ect when i would see patterning and such in everything i look at, all i could think of it was how its just me viewing a process that happens every seconed, just much much slower.
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        Mar 21 2011: Hi Tim,
        As a mother, I am cringing at your revelation of drug use but the upside is that you have first hand knowledge of a manner of cognition that illuminates consciousness and the way our brains work. You also illustrate that your mindset -one of curiousity and not fear- kept you safe -this time- from the 'bad trip' experience. Apparently the research also indicates that really bad trips can help to integrate any past traumas- but it comes at a high price.
  • Mar 19 2011: I think we would still use the same amount of our brains. But technology could provide us with high equipment that would help people with difficulties or disorder to become better and that would be a huge breakthrough i think.
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    Mar 18 2011: Im not sure what technology has to do with this, we should not use outside sources to discover what lies inside.

    I think each of us has the power to unveil our own secrets, mainly by exercising our brain. For example, learning phone numbers and memorizing texts to improve our memory, or challenging ourselves to solve puzzles and math problems. Being aware of our body by connecting our minds to it through exercise and meditation. Practicing good habits, being open to change in our behaviors and being consistent so that we can create better habits.

    How we use our brains is our choice, we are fully equipped with enormous potential.
  • Mar 18 2011: Legend or 10%, it matters not. I would just like to know when we will start using our brains correctly.
  • Mar 18 2011: does our brain, if fully used, have any limits or obstacles keeping use from... well anything?
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      Mar 22 2011: Yes, every brain has some limitations. Not everyone has the same endowments. I think of the brains as a field with some portions having deeper, richer soil and bettter access to water. Where the brain is most fertile- language, mathematics, spatial relations- the person will function best (given that they have had the proper stimulation and education). Where there is little fertilizer and no irrigation that person has little hope of making more complex connections and thus less chance of making a significant contribution in this area. Some people are fairly uniformly endowed and others like savants are endowed hugely in one area. It is in our differences and in our similarities that we can either enhance or augment humanity.