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Does money control you?

The answer in your head was probably no. I have a good grasp of my spending habits and living habits, i know how to manage my money well. The real question is why do you do it, work a job instead of doing what ever you want? And the simple answer is money. Why do we need to get a job? To make money to live. And in my opinion the cost of living is too high in some places. It wasn't a Ted talk that inspired this question but a documentary called Zeitgeist Addendum the second movie of three.

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    Jul 29 2012: Well unless someone is living in a society where money is not the medium for power, the answer is yes. All of us (in societies that deal with money) let money control us. Some people will try to abstractly say that it does not control they, but it is their choice, but the truth is it controls us all.
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    Jul 30 2012: @Ian Sheane: "What I really wanted to know, was if they were correct in zeitgeist on how money is created?"

    two things:

    1. don't confuse the general concept of money, and government issued modern fiat money. when you talk about money controls you or things like that, you talk about the general concept of money. it could be gold coin or computer money like bitcoin. and then the money multiplication does not count.

    2. probably not. it is hard to really tell, because they focus too much on the actual details as opposed to the essence. what you really need to look up to understand the situation is the concept of "fractional reserve banking", and especially its history. its history, because today we have a system so complicated even specialists don't fully understand what's going on. i highly recommend one of two books:

    murray rothbard: the mystery of banking
    murray rothbard: what has government done to our money?

    both are simple worded, easy to understand and detailed writings on how money and banking works, and what is wrong with the fiat money system. and both of them available for free at the mises institute website.
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    Jul 29 2012: As a child of the 90's I can't help, but respond to this question with a simple...

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM
    get the money... Dolla' dolla' bills y'all.

    And then feel incredibly lame, and goofy.
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    Jul 29 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    Considering current form of economy; money controls every one. Life is easier for those who has surplus and hard for those who have to earn their daily bread and butter. In order to be free from effect of money we need to have a system which addresses our basic necessity by default. Only after this we can decide whether money should control us or not.
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    Aug 26 2012: Money is good. There is no need to pretend that it isn't. Money is a bad master, but it is a good servant. If one is controlled by money, that is unfortunate. There is a difference between working to earn a honest living and doing anything(even the illegal) to get more money.
    But we live in the world; and money is a medium of exchange; so, you gotta have money. But money should not be the only reason for living or the first consideration for every decision.

    I'm in the film industry and would not do anything else, even if that thing brings more money. And its not because of the common saying that "there is no business like the show business"

    Bill Gates is just an example that when the passion leads, that is: when the love of your job leads, in most cases, MONEY follows!
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    Jul 29 2012: No money does not control me. It does however limit my options. I stay in a $100 a night room while the rich stay in a suite for $1000 a night. I vacation in Vegas and they go to Paris. We both vacation and we both stay in hotels. I was not controlled I stayed within my means.

    Getting a job and making money are not options. They are survival requirements. There are no free lunches.

    We could return to a trader and barter system but others are required to make that work. It is possible to go completely cavey and survive, but not practical.

    All the best. Bob.
  • Jul 29 2012: money controls only two kinds of people,
    1.poor people and
    2.greedy people
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    Jul 28 2012: Have you studied any other references about money besides this video?
    • Jul 29 2012: No, It intrigued me so that's why I asked the question. So do you think money can be controlling?
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        Jul 29 2012: Why not look at more sources about money? Here is one:

        The problem I have with the zeitgeist and the secret of oz is that they start with the assumption of a conspiracy which colors their thinking.

        I think the control of money or lack of control of money varies from culture to culture. In Japan for instance typically people will save up for a house and then pay cash. The Germans are similar, in the U.S. housing is typically bought on credit. Part of the cultural thinking in Germany is that they don't want inflation at any cost, because of the Wiemar inflation. So saving is a good idea if there is no inflation. In the U.S. on the other hand they do not want deflation at any cost, because of the great depression. So buying on credit is a good idea as you can pay back the loan with inflated dollars.

        The trick to control of money besides the obvious of staying out of debt by using budgets is to use the water analogy of money in that you cannot hold water in your hands therefore you have to create reservoirs to hold it.
        • Jul 29 2012: What I really wanted to know, was if they were correct in zeitgeist on how money is created?
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        Jul 29 2012: I'm not willing to sit through a 2 hr video that I don't agree with. Do you care to point out a small portion of the video?

        It is ok for you to impose upon me listening to 2hr of you video yet too much of an imposition to listen to a few minutes of one I deem as worthy?
        • Jul 29 2012: Having sat through it, only watch the first 15-20 min. You probably don't even need to watch even that much of it, they really dive into the creation of money at the beginning. The rest is unimportant. The first part explains modern money mechanics, and the creation of money and this frankly scares me if true.

          I also wrote a very short essay only about 2000 words on it, biased on my understanding of the facts presented in the movie so I could better analyze my thoughts and understanding of it.
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        Jul 29 2012: They start out by saying money is some how the cause of poverty this is not true.

        Fractional banking is true it works that way. The fact that is based off of debt is also true. Keep in mind that the fractional banking is a two street and the banks can be forced out business abruptly as well and often are.

        Inflating the currency is a problem and a hidden tax agreed.

        It infers that the interest goes to the Federal Reserve it does not. The Fed does not make money.

        The upside of this is a bigger economy the person realizes the benefits of the product and gets to pay for it with inflated money.

        If fractional banking is so bad why is it a world wide practice?

        This is a good video on the subject
        • Jul 30 2012: Thanks. I have one more question if the fed doesn't make the money, where does the new money introduced into the economy come from?
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        Jul 30 2012: The treasury makes the money the central bank authorizes it. Watch the videos I linked they explain this.
        • Jul 30 2012: And also to your question, If fractional banking is so bad why is it a world wide practice? Although it was probably meant to be rhetorical. What if this system, when created could not predict this problem down the road due to the size in which the system now covers? Like you said the whole world uses it. But when designed it was probably meant for one nation and it's money.
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        Jul 30 2012: My point if that the tangents and nuisances are not important.

        What is? your original question which is do you control money or does money control you.
        When it is at a national level people feel disconnected from the process but if you look at how national debt parallels private debt you see that it is very connected and in your face.
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    Jul 28 2012: Are you thinking that everything that needs to get done for people to live safely and comfortably would happen if people just did what they liked? That you could have and use your computer, for instance, that your sewer would be maintained, and your trash collected and disposed somewhere safe...
    • Jul 30 2012: Sort of, imagine if people could do what ever they liked with an unlimited amount of resources and no worries about making money to survive. I believe that there is no telling how far an idea could go if there is no distraction of survival. Once a bright mind is less concerned about where his next meal is coming from, he can focus on what inspires him.
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        Jul 30 2012: Who would do the work that isn't particularly cool if everyone just did what they wanted?
        • Jul 30 2012: Thats the thing, it could never work because people still need to work for money. I know this may seem a little far-fetched but imagine if we used our resources as a whole on this planet we would have to have one nation a democratic nation, that would eliminate the need to fend for your self. We live in a society where you have to look out for number one by providing but what if people who lived in a city, all worked for the city, some keeping it running some thinking of new inventive ideas. I know its hard to even picture in this world. But in order for productivity to come from the creative side they must be taken care of and provided for.
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        Jul 30 2012: I understand the picture. I am just asking who you would expect to do the unpleasant jobs that need to get done if everyone just does what is most fun for them?
        • Jul 30 2012: Rotation, because every one also has a passion and we can't limit our selves to just listing to a few people when every one has one good idea.
  • Jul 28 2012: To some degree . I mean if my daily material life is satisfied I will not try to make more money . The fact is that too much money will not be needed if I can get a fine living condition and some proper entertainment .
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    Jul 28 2012: Possibly, money can definitely influence people.

    But it should be you who controls money. Like there comes a certain point where we have our basic necessities like food and shelter and such met. When you make any more than that, what do you do with it? Bill Gates has his own charity foundation, other rich guys run charities. Other guys invest in their future or company's future to increase more money later. The way I see it, money is like a measurement of how much control do you have over the development of societies, or other societies.

    If someone who has a large percentage of the world's money and he just keeps it all to himself and doesn't spend it on anything, that's when the economy stagnates. There needs to be a circulation. Spending the money on stuff or services is like saying "I want you to exist in society to keep up the good work and services." This gives the services you payed, sustenance, while to the other similar services you didn't pay for instead, you basically told them "Try harder or else you're gonna die out." And that's where the competition is created in capitalist economy.

    So not spending any money at all is like saying "I don't want any of these other companies to exist, they all suck." And this stagnates the economic cycle.
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    Jul 28 2012: smart. be the dog that bites the stick instead of the one that holds it. do we want to understand how money works? no. we just want to bite it. congratulations.