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Is realization based on reality or reality based on realization ?

"Reality" - this word amazes me. Though it sounds static; seems very dynamic. Realization in other hand sounds as if it talks about "truth" but even this seems to shift. I never quite understood the relationship between them to give merit to one over other. When we live our life should we base our life upon reality (what we see or feel) or work towards realizing or even shaping our own reality?

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    Jul 28 2012: Some realizations are based on reality, and some realities are based on realization.
    Some things are fixed and we don't have absolute control over their existence and principles; but some things will be real because of our interactions with reality and our power of choice.
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      Jul 28 2012: if you have to choose one over other which one will you choose and why or do you think choice doesn't apply in this question?
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        Jul 28 2012: Choice applies. We dont have ABSOLUTE power to control things, people, and circumstances. But a choice to make the best of the power that we do have is my choice.
  • Jul 28 2012: If I understand your question, I would say they are unrelated. Reality is whatever it is, depending on the scale at which you perceive it. At the quantum level, or in high gravity or at high speeds, it is much different than the environment we live in. To us, reality is what we can perceive in a low gravity, low speed, macrosopic framework.
    How you realize your life within that framework is totally up to you and not shaping it to your own ends, beliefs and desires is an utter waste of potential.
    We all are born, and we all die. Not being the most you can be in the middle part is a tragedy
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      Jul 29 2012: to perceive is similar to realize so that way you mean that realization shapes reality is it ? Similarly you also seem to tell that we carry our view of world. Shouldn't reality be bigger than us altogether? If not how can we distinguish between illusion and reality
      • Jul 30 2012: Reality is undoubtly vastly larger than our simple perception. Our perception of the world is limited to the framework our senses evolved for. That is a macroscopic 3 dimensional, slow speed, weak gravity environment. We can sense the environment not bad in this environment but not perfectly. Don't forget that our hearing, vision, touch, etc provides a partial view of the world with our brains filling in the gaps and smothing over the rough spots.
        With our technology, we can extend our senses to other realms (into the quantum or the galactic sized universe) and describe it mathematically.
        As for illusion and reality, well...illusion being non-real (a fake if you will) then it will not stand up to repeated experiments and will not fit into any mathematical model.
        Phlogiston is an example of an illusion in our perception of reality. It was a perfectly consistant but illusionary theory that explained things like combustion. But it could not explain everything experimental and eventually was exposed as a construct.
        In sort, we brush aside illusion by use of repeated attempts to prove it is not real. Eventually, only actual reality responds favourable to this type of treatment.
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    Jul 28 2012: Whatever you do, you live in your own virtual reality. I'd define realization as the endless effort, the atempt to have our virtual world meet the actual world.
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      Jul 29 2012: what's your definition of actual world
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        Jul 29 2012: The actual world is the world that's real. We presuppose that reality exists and our progress at understanding it, though it's infinite, increases our knowledge.
        The fact that we make progress is evidence that objective reality exists.
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          Jul 29 2012: i am still not clear about the actual world and real but your sentences suggest that what we see and feel is changing constantly (infinite) because of what we realize (increases our knowledge) hence realization shapes reality.
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        Jul 29 2012: I'm defining reality as that which we cannot experience. We can chose to aim our philosophy at it and when we do, our knowledge increases. We won't ever understand everything, since every problem solved raises new ones. This is a law of nature, really.
        So realization could be "knowing that we won't ever know" : that's as close to knowing reality as we can possibly get.
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          Jul 29 2012: wow, now it sounds like something amazing. thanks.
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    Jul 28 2012: It all depends on who "dictates" it...yourself? is what "you" make it....someonelse can never dictate your own reality...it is what makes you...mj