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Using prize money to spur small town growth

35 minutes ago: I think the most exciting part of this talk was not space exploration but inspiring innovation through prizes.
What if we used that idea to spur our local economies. For example, my town is littered with empty store fronts that are depressing at best. Imagine if the town ran a prize based program where people could propose the best use of a store/ building and the winner gets the start up money to bring the business to life. It could revitalize small towns and start great conversations about how to best use our wasted space. Currently the fates of our small towns are relying on money, not innovation. This could be a great way to creatively change our local landscape.

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    Jul 29 2012: Brilliant idea! Not only does it bring the community together to make a decision, is also brings the business back into it. I believe that in a small town this would spark something quite larger than the initial goal. Once the prize was given out once or twice I am sure that you would find people who would volunteerily come in and start local businesses.

    I have only one question for you:
    Why don't you try it in your small town?