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How would you become a Real Life Power Ranger?? ..

as simple as the question, How would you conquer Villains in 2012, more importantly who would the Villains be? (person place or concept) would you have to have tools or Zords? (skills or resources)


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    Aug 3 2012: I think a hero would be a nice thing for people to look up to. Real life heroes like fire-fighters are great, but they don't serve to be the face of heroes across ages and nations. If I had the power through some power coin/zeo crystal/morpher/mystic force I would be a power ranger that stops natural disasters and end global threats with the rescue zords. The villain however is people who complain about everything but don't do anything to solve the problem. It's like the movie the Incredibles when the superhero gets sued for helping out in a situation.

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