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I want to become a Theoretical physicist, how can i become one? (Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

I am in grade 9, and in grade 8, i conducted the Dual-Slit experiment on Quantum Mechanics, which went pretty well, and for my grade 9 Personal Project, i am probably going to write a book, basically stressing on Anti matter and Anti universes... Well, i have an extremely developed aptitude for physics, and i can grasp almost any theory just by watching a small video on it, but i struggle to understand the maths, so i can actually say that i am not really 'understanding physics' i am just analyzing its implications on a much lower level... I understand that it is quite hard to become a renounced physicist, due to the density and complexity of the subject, but i believe that i can achieve it through persistence and determination... Overall, i want to say that i want to become a physicist, probably Astrophysicist or Quantum Physicist... I have a problem, 'How?!'
I am Indian, but i have been living in Indonesia for almost an year, what i realized is that IGCSE and IB DP is much more comprehensive and encouraging when i compared them to CBSE and ICSE, but that is not my point, it looks like i am going back to India as soon as i do 10th, which can prove fatal for my ambitions, so, i just wanted your guidance, i come from a middle class family, and i certainly cannot afford the cost of education at Stanford or MIT, even though i am fully capable of getting in... So, can someone enlighten me with his knowledge about admission in MIT or other such prestigious universities? I also had another request, if possible please do not hesitate to tell me if you can, that, "Will i be able to pursue a career in physics via indian education, which seems highly unlikely to me, but still, can i do IIT, and then studying specifically for Post Graduate with my own money?
If this is possible, and i do it, but then i suddenly realize that i do not posses the ability to understand and comprehend physics, and i complete my post graduate in pure physics, will i still get a job in engineering?


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  • Aug 26 2012: I think you're being pretty harsh on your country. I watched a video here a few months ago about an Indian guy who was one of the most innovative guys at MIT. He was firmly from India and intended for his designs to be of use to the people, not just big business. It was all to do with augmented reality or something. Very impressive. I can't say I know how rich he was, though.

    I do agree there is INSANE poverty in India, but also I reckon education can be had by anyone with a true, TRUE, interest in what they want to learn. We all have free time around whatever work or life we lead, and that free time can be filled with whatever interest we have. Be it cars, cricket or astrophysics.

    I used to hate the ridiculous division and inequality between rich and poor - actually I still do - but I've realised the rich ones are no better than the poor ones. People with money tend to waste it anyway. The whole 'if I had a million dollars I would...' question often comes up with stupid answers, like, 'I would go on the holiday of a lifetime'. I mean... I don't mean to sound too self-righteous but if I had that kind of money I would use it to educate myself as much as possible. Lifetime holidays, big houses, flash cars and other things are hugely trivial.

    Not having the money isn't stopping me from learning though. I'm just working towards it in whatever way I can. I figure that if I'm good enough at what I do, or if I go in the right direction, the opportunities will present themselves anyway, even if I have to spend more time 'waiting' for it to happen.

    Another way to see it is that in the world of money, it's all an act and anyone can make it if they bullshit their way through enough interviews and meetings. But the education world is way more knowledge based, so if you're clever you make it. There's no acting in that.

    So all I can say is... keep going! Never believe there is anything at all holding you back.

    Oh and have a look at www.coursera.org

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