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I want to become a Theoretical physicist, how can i become one? (Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

I am in grade 9, and in grade 8, i conducted the Dual-Slit experiment on Quantum Mechanics, which went pretty well, and for my grade 9 Personal Project, i am probably going to write a book, basically stressing on Anti matter and Anti universes... Well, i have an extremely developed aptitude for physics, and i can grasp almost any theory just by watching a small video on it, but i struggle to understand the maths, so i can actually say that i am not really 'understanding physics' i am just analyzing its implications on a much lower level... I understand that it is quite hard to become a renounced physicist, due to the density and complexity of the subject, but i believe that i can achieve it through persistence and determination... Overall, i want to say that i want to become a physicist, probably Astrophysicist or Quantum Physicist... I have a problem, 'How?!'
I am Indian, but i have been living in Indonesia for almost an year, what i realized is that IGCSE and IB DP is much more comprehensive and encouraging when i compared them to CBSE and ICSE, but that is not my point, it looks like i am going back to India as soon as i do 10th, which can prove fatal for my ambitions, so, i just wanted your guidance, i come from a middle class family, and i certainly cannot afford the cost of education at Stanford or MIT, even though i am fully capable of getting in... So, can someone enlighten me with his knowledge about admission in MIT or other such prestigious universities? I also had another request, if possible please do not hesitate to tell me if you can, that, "Will i be able to pursue a career in physics via indian education, which seems highly unlikely to me, but still, can i do IIT, and then studying specifically for Post Graduate with my own money?
If this is possible, and i do it, but then i suddenly realize that i do not posses the ability to understand and comprehend physics, and i complete my post graduate in pure physics, will i still get a job in engineering?


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  • Aug 6 2012: Hi there! I am Adam, a Taiwanese, study in the Sinarmas World Academy, an IB school. In Grade 10 I did my personal project on the topic of " How to find the distance of stars?" http://blogs.swa-jkt.com/swa/11156/2012/01/13/personal-project-product-my-science-paper-to-find-the-distance-to-stars/ (my blog) And I got good grades in science in class and same as you, I can't afford to study in the top schools. I have been wondering for the same question as you. For me, I think the answer is to find your interest first. If you want to be an engineer, then go for it. As for me, I am both interested in biology, chemistry, and physics. I will try to figure out which career I like. Keep in contact.
    • Aug 25 2012: I am very impressed by your work. :)
      I would love to talk to you online. If you want to, please add me on facebook so that we can have a friendly conversation. :)
      My account - http://www.facebook.com/akhauri.yash
      Thank you for your time :)

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