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What will be the best renewable source of energy in 2050?

As of now, we have Wind, Water, Solar, Geothermal, and many more. But as our technology changes and diversifies, do you think we will use completely different sources?


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    Aug 5 2012: I worked at a wind energy company. During my stay mt beleif that wind energy is the best solution was challenged. Granted - it is far better than oil. But its still far from perfect!

    -The oil in every windmill has to be changed often. (we are talking a lot of oil here)
    -The current buisnessmodel is sending a sparepart to several underdevisions of a company, hereby increasing the price of the item. This leads to a lot of co2 emission because of the excessive transport.
    - The machine emits a low-frequence constant noise which is feared to affect humans and animals in a negative way.

    Dont understand me wrong: i am a fan of windmills. I'm just saying that we need to get better at building them.

    Regarding the "best" renewable solution, I think we need a healthy mix of them all. I especially would like to see big development in sea-wave energy. Sadly it seems that it will be one of the only things we can use the oceans for anyways, as we are in the process of destroying most life in it.
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      Aug 5 2012: I would invite you to take a look at

      The Quixote Project at http://jpssis.com/index.html

      And help us in our quest of the perfect windmill.
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        Aug 5 2012: Stop already!
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          Aug 6 2012: Stop already? I apologize if I somehow offended.
        • Aug 8 2012: David has every right to show what he currently believes will be the best source. Since you, Debra, seem to already have submitted your opinion, I suggest you allow him to expres his ideas, even if they are biased. Thank you very much.
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        Aug 5 2012: Thank you for the invitation, David.
        I don't know what position you have in this organization, but maybe you can enlighten me about this:

        - Who will realize the best of the ideas?
        - Where will it be patented?
        - Will the design be open source? / who is making money from it?

        I hope I'm too paranoid and that there's no real necessity questioning your intentions :)
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          Aug 6 2012: Thanks for your comment and your spot on questions.
          In fact, right now, I am the organization.
          Read A Humble Introduction on the site if you are interested further.
          I hope it would give you an honest idea of my intentions.
          This is very new territory for me. I need to make a living, but the idea must go beyond
          making anybody rich, including myself. I am in the 99%, just getting by. I have a patent pending, big deal. I can't pay my medical bills.
          I want to see this wind turbine design do some good for people. I am struggling
          over just how to share / sell / give away what I have managed to develop so far so, yes I can make some money, but that it doesn't fall into 1% profiteering hands.
          I am working on open source materials, which is a lot of work.
          Thanks in advance for any other thoughts you may have.
          all good things,
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          Aug 6 2012: After being on this site for some time, and with an MBA in marketing, I simply believe that this is not the place for business self promotion especially when persons think this is a targeted market who thinks as they do and when they paste in their contacts on several of our threads. Then, I think that sense of inappropriateness can be fairly expressed.I am personally pro-wind as Lenart has learned and while I appreciate learning I do not appreciate it being held out like a carot. If you wish to contribute to the mass of knowlege you are of course more than welcome but if your motivation is to profit from the like minded this is NOT the place. TED has paid advertisers that make this format possible.
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      Aug 5 2012: Thanks Lennart, for sharing your experience, where else would we be able to gain such insight

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