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With the development of technology,teachers are not as important as before.

With the development of technology computers are widely used in the classroom , some people assert that teacher are not as important as before. Do you think so?Please give me your idea.Thank you.


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  • Jul 27 2012: One of the most important aspects of teaching is socialization of the children. Young children can be savage! Getting children to behave in a "civilized" manner is not at all easy, and technology does not "soothe the savage beast" that all young children possess. Teaching will remain a critical profession, regardless of the level of technology.
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      Jul 30 2012: Socialization cannot be accomplished online can it? If you are correct about a teacher's importance lying in the social training arena then all this talk about distance learning is moot.
      • Jul 30 2012: Distance learning can still be useful - it's the discipline that cannot be distanced. Little children kick and bite and lie and throw things and etc., etc.! The physical breaches of a child's social order can only be curbed by an adult who is on-the-spot. Teachers teach way more than the three R's, just by being human examples for kids to observe and/or emulate.
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          Jul 31 2012: Agreed Andrew, but as goes the classroom so go teachers. If schooling goes away from classrooms then one teacher can do the work of many. And who will soothe the savage beast then?

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