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What "seemingly" useless talent have you applied to life's tough situations?

Like being able to twist your tongue or being double jointed (Hopefully, I'm not offending anyone).

What is your "seemingly" useless talent and how has it helped you in a tough situation?

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    Jul 30 2012: Through toughest of times i always laugh and smile...."fake it til you believe it" approach? :) I dont know if it qualifies as a talent but i smile through the greyest of days and look forward to the sunny days. And that helps balance everything in my life
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      Jul 30 2012: Good point Peter....I LOVE it, and that is a practice of mine as well. In fact, they tell me that when I was unconscious, on life support systems, after a near fatal injury and emergency craniotomy, I was smiling and giving visitors thumbs up! Well...what the heck...what else could I do, in that limited circumstance!!! LOL:>)

      Your idea reminds me of this TED talk:>)
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        Aug 1 2012: Loved the TED talk Colleen! Thanks! =)
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          Aug 12 2012: Glad you liked it Derek, I notice you are using it, and passing it on to others...that is PERFECT!!!

          Don's next comment is amusing, considering how many times he has called me a representative of the devil!!! LOL:>)
          shhhhhhhh.....don't wake him up!

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