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How can we make world changing inventions & ideas profitable?

World changing forces, for the most part, require enormous resources to create. Some world changing ideas are lifelong pursuit. However, just because a world changing force is difficult to obtain doesn't make it profitable. I would even argue that most world changing ideas aren't.

Take this fictional example. Imagine, that you discovered a cure for diabetes. You spend decades of your life, most of your life savings, and tons of sweat to discover this cure. The cure? Drinking one half tablespoon of salt in a glass of apple juice a day for exactly 10 days.

Congratulations. You found a way to cure a disease that harms millions. Your reward? Nothing but a special mention in the news. What you wished was a complex cure that would require a $100 pill that someone has to take ever day for a month. What you hoped was a procedure that you could sell your instrument to. What you got was a simple cure that took a lot of effort and research to obtain but has no reward or profit.


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    Jul 27 2012: When you start working on something which is going to change the world, you have to accept that the project may not be profitable and may not work at it should be. Therefore, the risk of having your profits expectancy downgraded is permanent. If you found the cure of something horrible, the first feeling is hapiness because you made something that will relieve millions of people and that is the real reward.

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