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Should English be made the official language of the United States

I have no opinion, or any particular understanding, either for or against this subject, and would appreciate hearing a lively debate. Thank you.


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  • Jul 29 2012: Went to an international convention that many non-english speakers attended. Not all, but many of the people who made a point to learn english told me, after I asked, that English is very precise, which i think was meant to mean "had less lexical gaps" than their own tongue. My Spanish speaking relatives tell me this when I bring them to english sermons they've already heard in Spanish. National and ethnic sympathies aside, English seems better for discussing abstracts and complex issues with, in the United States. But hey, Portugese is a better language to discuss love with. As long as a language fosters differentiation between similar concepts and avoids the Orwellian fusion of different ones into single words, then we should have bias in favor of those languages, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish-whichever is most efficient.

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