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Life as changeable as a computer game by using the 4D Map of the world.

Using 4D Maps to Create a fictional world that is layered over the real world.

Imagine that you wear gases that put a layer over everything you see based on a 3D model of the room. And now image that a computer game runs in this 3D model. It uses the laws of physics and reacts to your movement.

Now Imagen that other people see the same 3D models as you. This is a shared augmented reality.

Any object ever made in a game can be placed in this fictional layer.
The interaction between my vision and your vision can be regulated. This means that when you are walking around other can see what you want them to see. They could see you as a pirate and you could see them as walking trees.

Interaction between these fake game elements and real world could be done by comparing the Real time 3D map (google and bing) to the 3D models in the game

I could also talk with a friend like he is in the room because his 4D model is layered to be in my room, and my image real image is layered to be in his.

  • Aug 20 2012: Now lets say you forgot you were playing the game...