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Why aren't all the TED Ed videos/animations captioned (or subtitled)?

I understand that TED has little control over content from YouTube, but it seems that adding captions and/or subtitles to the animations being created at the new lesson site would take little effort and add great value. As a teacher who works with deaf students, I'm very excited by the TED Ed endeavor. However, without captions, tens of thousands of students with hearing impairments* will be unable to take full advantage of this resource.

* In the USA 0.18% or 968,000 children aged 3-17 are considered hearing impaired; 0.1% or 52,000 are classified as Deaf.

Approximately 80 thousand students receive special education services due to their classification of being hearing impaired. http://nichcy.org/disability/specific/hearingloss


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    Aug 18 2012: Hello J AM,
    The TED-Ed original videos are currently closed captioned. Just click the "CC" button on the bottom right and side of the player. Once clicked, the time-coded captions should appear. Could you direct me to the particular video that didn't have the CC option? The captions activate on a video to video basis, so it is possible that we failed to turn them on for a particular video. We're also working on captioning the most recent TED-Ed original now.

    TED-Ed videos are not currently translated....but they will be...and fairly soon! The translation platform is currently shifting to a new software, and once the shift is complete, TED-Ed videos will begin being translated.

    Hope this was helpful!

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