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Is there a cure for cancer ?

Recently many more people have been contracting cancer. Friends of mine are dying; one lady I know is going through the exact scenario my mum went through 40-odd years ago. Right down to her sore hips being diagnosed as arthritis; when I, as a layman recognised the symptoms of my mum's cancer.
I happened on a 'Cure for Cancer' on the net one day. It involves vitamin B17, typically from apricot seeds. There is a lot of info available, most encouraging, but the system refuses to acknowledge the advantages. Could it be due to the billions involved in radiotherapy etc ? Surely not.
What do you guys think? Any experiences ?
The 100yr history of this dilemma is here :-
I and my family now take apricot seeds daily. You guys in the US may find that you're breaking the law. Go figure ?


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