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Is there a cure for cancer ?

Recently many more people have been contracting cancer. Friends of mine are dying; one lady I know is going through the exact scenario my mum went through 40-odd years ago. Right down to her sore hips being diagnosed as arthritis; when I, as a layman recognised the symptoms of my mum's cancer.
I happened on a 'Cure for Cancer' on the net one day. It involves vitamin B17, typically from apricot seeds. There is a lot of info available, most encouraging, but the system refuses to acknowledge the advantages. Could it be due to the billions involved in radiotherapy etc ? Surely not.
What do you guys think? Any experiences ?
The 100yr history of this dilemma is here :-
I and my family now take apricot seeds daily. You guys in the US may find that you're breaking the law. Go figure ?

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    Jul 27 2012: Amygdalin (from Greek: ἀμυγδάλη amygdálē "almond"), C20H27NO11, is a glycoside initially isolated from the seeds of the tree Prunus dulcis. Its not a vitamin as it is not a necessary nutrient. Scientific studies have shown limited effect on tumors and a high chance of cyanide toxicity as contrary to claims in the media the compound is broken down in the small intestine releasing the HCN generally into the body resulting in liver and kidney damage. Long term exposure to HCN at subtoxic levels has also been liked to hypothyroidism.
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      Jul 27 2012: Hi Peter.
      You seem to know about this. What do you make of the following :-
      ""There is no "free" hydrogen cyanide in Laetrile. When Laetrile comes in contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, the Laetrile is broken down to form two molecules of glucose, one molecule of benzaldehyde and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Within the body, the cancer cell-and only the cancer cell-contains that enzyme. The key word here is that the HCN must be FORMED. It is not floating around freely in the Laetrile and then released. It must be manufactured.""
      I see the rationalle' here. No cancer, no poison. If there is cancer, the patient feels ill, but if there is no cancer, as in my case, there is no effect. I certainly feel nothing; do you still think I could be harmed?

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        Jul 29 2012: Your quote only applies if you take the compound intravenously. Your digestive system is full of various beta-glucosidases produced by your pancreas and your gut flora. The actual cancer treatment theory relies on rhodanese an enzyme that cleans up HCN at a cellular level and is absent from some cancer cells. The problem is you are still exposing healthy tissue to HCN at a time when your immune system is already busy. Check out what Livestrong.com says about it.
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          Jul 30 2012: Hi Peter.
          I think you are right. The rhodanese in the healthy cell cleans up the HCN.
          If the cancer cell combines with the B17 to release poison then surely the poisonous residue reaching healthy cells would be less potent & easier to handle than a direct hit.
          I don't understand the intravenous / mouth problem. Wouldn't the B17 be absorbed into the blood anyway ?
          Try & keep it simple. This is not my thing.

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        Jul 30 2012: If you take it by mouth the laetrile is digested into glucose and HCN in your gut. This exposes your whole body to HCN. If you inject the laetrile it stays laetrile until it exits the blood stream as there are no beta-glucosidases in your blood. Theoretically the HCN exposure would be focussed to cells that produce beta-glucosidase. Your pancreas might not be happy though!
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          Jul 31 2012: If my whole body was exposed to HCN then shouldn't I be feeling unwell ? I am consuming 5 or 6 kernels per day, as are my wife & son.

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        Jul 31 2012: From Wikipedia
        Chronic exposureIn addition to pesticide and insecticide, cyanide is contained in tobacco smoke, smoke from building fires and some foods, like almonds, apricot kernel, cassava, yucca, manioc, and apple seeds. Vitamin B12 in the form of hydroxycobalamin, or hydroxocobalamin, may reduce the negative effects of chronic exposure, and a deficiency can lead to negative health effects following exposure.[5]

        Exposure to lower levels of cyanide over a long period (e.g., after use of cassava roots as a primary food source in tropical Africa) results in increased blood cyanide levels, which can result in weakness and a variety of symptoms, including permanent paralysis, nervous lesions,[6][7][8] hypothyroidism,[7] and miscarriages.[9][10] Other effects include mild liver and kidney damage
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    Jul 29 2012: There seems to be some connection between foods and cancer:http://www.groundreport.com/World/National-Cancer-Control-Programme-To-Oppose-First-/2947306
    Also, if there are cancer-free socities on Earth then it seems justified to say that cancer preventatives exist, which is not the same as cancer cures. Does anyone know what Lance Armstrong did to survive a cancer death sentence? I think I heard he did something with organic foods.
    • Jul 30 2012: Edward,
      According to one villager, cancer occurs in acidic bodies. Dont's - processed foods and drinks, meats, tobacco, dairy. Do's - farm foods, fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, exercise, deep breathing, rest and integrity.

      Dont know how true this is but I try live by it.
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      Jul 31 2012: Yeah he did surgery for tumor removal (brain and testicular) and extensive chemotherapy.
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    Jul 26 2012: Here's a super-simplified view of how I think cancer works:

    From what I've learned a few days ago, cancer is the result of a mutation in your dna. Our DNA naturally mutates by the deterioration of oxygen, and by radiation. If you really think about it, DNA is just some special code made of proteins. Mutation is caused by "free radicals" which is when an electron pair in the cell or in the dna is split. Oxygen circulates through the body and creates a chemical reaction with the dna and that results in free radicals. Same with radiation. To counteract the deterioration effects of oxygen, we also intake nutrients from food. Some foods with the right supplements or compounds will fill in the missing electrons with new electrons, thus keeping the electron pair again.

    That's why some people can just naturally get cancer simply by not getting the right nutrients, or by exercising too much, without balancing it out with what they eat. And that is also why cancer runs in the family, because you're passing the cancerous genes to the offspring.
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      Jul 26 2012: Hi James,
      So you agree that the proper nutrient may be the key ? Maybe like scurvy, where thousands died before a Red Indian gave us fruit full of vitamin C. I love it when the best solutions are the simple ones.
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        Jul 26 2012: Essentially, yes.

        Anything that contains antioxidants (just as the name implies lol) seem to do the trick.

        Also apparently a lot of fruits have these antioxidants, especially fruits with the purple color. I don't really know anything about why myself it is the naturally purple foods, but I have a hunch it has to do with the Sun's Ultraviolet radiation, since UV are the next level of waves above the light color purple, and all individual energy sources on Earth are just fractions of the Sun's UV radiation.
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      Jul 26 2012: Depends on the type of cancer. Not all are a result of a DNA mutation. Some are a malfunction of the immune system, some are malfunctions of these little things called telomeres at the end of DNA. Some are the result of viral damage to cellular metabolism. Along with all the other ways you can whack out what DNA does like radiation, chemical exposure, smoking, sunlight, etc.

      Oxygen free radicals have been associated with cancer but a causal link has not been established. Yes a good diet helps and yes, antioxidants help the body rid free radicals but there are no magic beans.

      Like I said previously cancer is several different diseases. Good nutrition helps as well as a host of other preventative measures.
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        Jul 27 2012: Thanks for bringing more info on the subject!
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      Jul 26 2012: Thanks James, I'll check it out.
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    Jul 26 2012: Enjoy your magic beans.

    Cancer is not one disease. It is several different diseases with some commonalities. Different types of cancers are caused by different types of etiologies from genetics to radiation. Each type has specific challenges to treatment.

    We are very good at treating some types of cancers and others present challenges that are more difficult to surmount. No easy answers or magic beans unfortunately.
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      Jul 26 2012: You sound more knowlegeable that the average bear on this issue. Is there merit in the idea of apricot supplements as a preventative for certain, if not all, cancers?
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        Jul 26 2012: To my knowledge, there has been no evidence to support apricot supplements as a preventative measure for any cancer.

        That being said, I appreciate the placebo effect and if you want to supplement your diet with apricot or peach pits by all means go ahead.
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          Jul 27 2012: Check out the link in the intro, or search for testimonies. There seem to be loads of cures.

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        Jul 27 2012: If you want to eat apricot pits fine. But those 'vitamins' are dangerous.

        Here's is my link:

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          Jul 28 2012: Hi Linda.
          "The Hunza have the longest lifespan in the world and this has been traced as related to the water that they drink and their natural diet. Hunza water is an example of perfect natural water. Hunza has people who routinely live to 120-140 years, in good health with virtually no cancer, degenerative disease, dental caries or bone decay."
          "Apricots Are Hunza Gold"
          "The Hunza cut the pits from the fruits, crack them, and remove the almond-like nuts. The women hand grind these kernels with stone mortars, then squeeze the meal between a hand stone and a flat rock to express the oil. The oil is used in cooking, for fuel, as a salad dressing on fresh garden greens, and even as a facial lotion"
          "And the most prized of all foods was considered to be the apricot seed. It is very common for the Hunza to eat between 30 - 50 (ie. about 30mg of B17) apricot seeds as an after lunch snack."
          "The Eskimos are another people that have been observed by medical teams for many decades and found to be totally free of cancer. The traditional Eskimo diet is amazingly rich in B17 nitrilosides that come from the residue of of the meat of caribou and other grazing animals, and also from the salmon berry."
          "Hopi and Navajo Indians. The February 5, 1949 issue of the journal of the American Medical Association declared that they found 36 cases cases of malignant cancer from a population of 30,000. In the same population of white persons there would have been about 1800. Dr Krebs research later found that the typical diet for the Navajo and Hopi Indian consisted of nitriloside-rich foods such as Cassava. He calculated that some of the tribes would ingest the equivalent of 8000mg of Vitamin B17 per day from their diet !!!"

          Clearly there is a difference of opinion.

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          Jul 28 2012: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burusho_people
          The Hunza don't live to 120-140 years, they don't use calendars, they use a method by which your age is judged by your wisdom.
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        Jul 29 2012: "Amygdalin is a plant substance found naturally in raw nuts and the pips of many fruits, particularly apricot pips, or kernels." There is no amygdalin in the meat of the cassava. It is not found in animal meat at all so the whole Eskimo rational is bogus.

        See Stewarts post about the Hunza.
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          Jul 29 2012: Hi Linda/Stewart.
          Apparently the cassava is the root of a tropical tree, containing cyanide. Don't quite know how the Eskimos get it; but it is not an animal. (my dictionary won't let me copy for some reason)
          The Hunza are well known for their good health into old age, whether that is quantifiable I don't know.
          What I do know is that if the authorities are correct then I should be very ill by now, but I am not. There may be a little money made from seeds, but it is no more than is commensurate with the effort of acquiring them. Chemo drugs on the other hand are horrendously expensive & profitable, & little has changed for around 50 years. I'm just a suspicious guy.

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          Jul 29 2012: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassava

          Apparently, toxins can be cooked out of cassava....
          "Cassava-based dishes are widely consumed wherever the plant is cultivated; some have regional, national, or ethnic importance.[19] Cassava must be cooked properly to detoxify it before it is eaten."

          Peter, regarding Chemo drugs, you say "little has changed for around 50 years".
          That is TOTALLY unture. There are many new drugs and combinations of drugs used for chemotherapy and they are changing and improving regularly. Unfortunately, I and many friends and relatives have faced the challenge of cancer as well, so I've had up close and personel experience.

          Peter, as I said in my first comment on this thread, I believe there are possibilities for alternative practices and substances in the treatment of dis-eases. To try to promote something that is a proven toxin, with misleading information however, is not acceptable.
  • Aug 9 2012: Healthy Lifestyle, Preventive Checks, Early Detection, Proper and Immediate Medical Attention !
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    Jul 28 2012: OH MY GOODNESS!!!
    I never heard of this, so out of curiosity, I explored on-line. Mostly, what I found were companies selling this "cure".

    I did find this..."study"
    "Dr. Krebb injected himself with laetrile to ensure there would be no toxic side effects. He conducted further lab animal and culture experiments to conclude that laetrile would be effective in the treatment of cancer. By the way, the FDA standard for drug safety is known as LD 50, LD stands for lethal dose, and the 50 is the percentage threshold of lab animals poisoned to death by the drug tested. As long as the percentage killed is under 50%, FDA will approve it!

    Since laetrile is derived directly from a food substance in nature and not chemically developed in a laboratory, it is impossible to patent. And of course it's not toxic. In other words, just as with all natural healing substances, Big Pharma and the AMA can't make a fortune from the substance and from the remedies for the long term side effects. There have been several testimonies from cancer victims who cured themselves by chewing large quantities of the apricot seeds alone." End of "study"!!!!!!!!!

    So apparently, this "cure" did not pass the FDA standard for drug safety, which means that there was a level of death by poison higher than acceptable. LD 50, LD stands for lethal dose, and the 50 is the percentage threshold of lab animals poisoned to death by the drug tested. As long as the percentage killed is under 50%, FDA will approve it.

    This "cure" was denied approval by the FDA because of a high rate of deaths from lethal levels of poison, according to the information I found on-line.

    I am very open to alternative practices, medications and herbs. I grow my own herbs and use many of them for medicinal purposes.
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    Jul 27 2012: One thing needs said and Linda kind of touched on it.
    None of the so called cures and potions which are mixtures of fruits and veg which kills cancer cells apparently have never been tested clinically. To my knowledge there's never been a case where someone has solely taken one of these "cures" and not received actual medical treatment at the same time.
    I've read reports of comparisons between patients receiving medical treatment and those receiving treatment whilst also taking these "cures". And almost all drew no conclusion that these cures increased survival, in one report more people died who were taking the cure.
    So there's no real data to back up any of these companies claims.
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      Jul 27 2012: Actually Laetrile did undergo clinical trials in the US back in 1980. At that time it was a hot debate in the US before it was banned. I remember one movie star died because she only took Laetrile instead of standard treatment but I can't remember her name. Steve Mcqueen also gave the stuff a try after standard treatment.

      This has been around a long time it is nothing new. I lived through the first go-round and I do not want to live it again. The stuff doesn't work and it is metabolized into a poison.

      I would be happier if people ate the peach and apricot pits whole.
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        Jul 27 2012: Interesting thanks Linda.
        On a different note but similar to fake medicine. I think it's a TED talk when James Randi swallows a whole bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills and is completely fine, so yea he's got a real vendetta against homeopathy and miracle cures.
  • Jul 26 2012: I think cure for cancer is apitoxin or bee venom, and healthy animals urine with blood can be treated to cure cancer
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      Jul 26 2012: Let me know when you have the data to support that. Otherwise you can include my families remedies which include sacrificing chickens at the full moon...
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    Jul 26 2012: Well, in one respect there is. In my case there was no chemo or radiation so a surgery to cut out a chunk of my body was the answer to a virolent form. I was lucky that it was encapsulated and that my doc sent me for second opinons! The great news for me is that even though they could not close the hole that remained, I was told to wash it with a salt and water solution and it healed over magically and miraculously to leave me with complete and perfect function. We sometimes forget that surgical intervention saves lives like mine. I have to give credit to a tiny woman named Dr. Swallow. (and no I did not pick her because she was a woman but even though I got lost on the way to Toronto and to the hospital she stayed after hours and had me in surgery within two weeks)
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      Jul 26 2012: Hi Debra,
      Great news. Cancer isn't always a death sentence, thank goodness. We seem to be good at cutting things out, but it gets tricky if it spreads. Glad you did ok.

  • Jul 26 2012: Something in nature is the cure for cancer. The bible says "Seek and you shall find"
    Its good that science is still searching.
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      Jul 27 2012: I agree.
      Genesis 1:29 (KJV)
      And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

  • Jul 26 2012: I'm not exactly an expert on this issue, but from what I understand cancer is much different from normal infections or even viruses. Cancer is when reproduce in a rapid manner(much faster than they should be reproducing) which is very dangerous to the body. If i remember correctly, people get cancer somewhat frequently, but normally the cancerous cells destroy themselves through apoptosis. The big problem is when the cells don't go through apoptosis and continue rapidly dividing. This creates problems and many of them are severe. If I remember correctly, this is what causes tumors which are basically giant masses of cells that aren't functioning like they should be.

    That being said, we can't "kill" cancer like we do an infection because the cells that we are destroying are actually are body. That is chemotherapy. They shoot radiation into an cancerous area and try to kill only the cancerous cells without killing the rest of the healthy cells. But since cancer is part of person's body, I don't think there is a "cure." The B17 vitamin is probably just a chemical which helps prevent the cancerous cell from dividing. It is a prevention instead of a cure.

    I really don't think that there is a cure yet because of the nature of the disease. Even with all the money that is involved with the medical industry, I think that some person involved in the development of the cure would let it be known.
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      Jul 26 2012: Hi Noah.
      Cancer cells seem to be normal ones which refuse to die off at the end of their natural span. Instead they multiply as mutated cells. B17 includes cyanide bonded to another poison. When it encounters cancer the story is that the two poisons de-combine & kill the cancer. Seems reasonable as there are many testified cures.
      The FDA claim that the seeds are poisonous, but that is an obvious lie, as my family has been eating them for months. So one has to ask why we shouldn't use them 'just in case' as there is no harm.

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        Jul 26 2012: Do you realize what you just posted?

        You are feeding your family cyanide and another poison.
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          Jul 27 2012: Yup. We also drink hydrogen & oxygen on a regular basis. Luckily we don't smoke, lol.

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        Jul 27 2012: We also breath nitrogen but not poison!
        Testimonials are NOT data. I can get testimonials on the whole chicken sacrifice on the full moon too. I would kill someone poisoning my family. At least the chicken sacrifice only kills the chicken. you might want to have your kids start smoking. It would be quicker.
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          Jul 27 2012: Hi Linda.
          People getting well from terminal cancer is good enough for me. Never heard of anyone dying from apricot seeds; plenty die from chemotherapy though. I don't know if it works or not, but I do know there is nothing to be lost by trying. The doctors seem to be putting the frighteners on folks; presumably they get taught that B17 is dangerous. Makes little sense to me. Cyanide poisoning has very definite symptoms, I think I would have succumbed by now.


          Ps My wife is 60, & my son 32, old enough to make their own decisions. Our neighbour is a young mum & is on the chemo merry go round. We started this to check if it was safe for her; but alas her dad is not convinced (yet)
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        Jul 27 2012: Well I am here to scream as LOUDLY as I can. Testimonials are testimonials because they want to sell you a product. There is NO evidence whatsoever. Nobody brings the doctor on who said they were terminal. They are getting paid. They make this stuff up.

        I have seen people die from this kind of stuff. That's my testimonial.

        Just read the wiki site.


        Even they have more science than your testimonials.
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          Jul 27 2012: Hi Linda.
          I have been searching for anyone harmed by B17, & all I am getting is that this works. Can you link me to someone harmed? None of these folks is selling seeds, no-one is making money that I can see, with the exception of world without cancer.
          Wiki is just regurgitating the FDA official line, but if that was true then I would be dead. The reason not many doctors are speaking is that they would loose their licence to practice; simple as that. There are billions of dollars per year tied up in the status quo. If cancer was cured naturally then this income would be lost; a massive incentive for keeping things as they are.
          Anyway, I guess it's a matter of faith. Certainly for folks with cancer I can see no reason on earth why they should be deprived of this opportunity.

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          Jul 29 2012: I'M SHOUTING LOUDLY TOO LINDA!!!

          EVERYTHING I'VE FOUND SAYS......"dangerously toxic as well as clinically ineffective in the treatment of cancer. Taken by mouth.... potentially lethal"
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          Jul 29 2012: Hi Colleen.
          If someone has terminal cancer they are going to die. That is lethal. Chemotherapy is dangerous to the point of being lethal. Do you not think it a bit strange that the government should make it illegal to eat apricot kernels of all things? Apple seeds are the same, & I'm sure folks have been eating them by mistake, & deliberately for years. I have no axe to grind on this except concern for my friends. To that end I am eating the seeds with no adverse effect whatsoever. Something weird is going on to make people so 'anti'.

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          Jul 29 2012: Good point Peter.
          If someone has terminal cancer they are going to die anyway, so it may not matter if s/he puts something toxic in the body, if that is what s/he chooses.

          You, however, are promoting it as a preventative AND a cure. If you, as a consenting adult want to take it, and assuming your family are consenting adults, that's fine. The information you are providing here on this public forum is misleading, and that is NOT fine. There is nothing "weird" going on Peter. Some people are simply looking at facts.

          I am aware that apple seeds contain toxins as well. Apple seeds are not being marketed as a cure for cancer.
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          Jul 29 2012: Hi Colleen.
          I am not promoting anything. I am asking the question. I have informed you of something new; you are now able to make a choice that wasn't open to you previously.
          Within a day of your being introduced to the idea, you are strongly towing the party line..
          I have been at this a couple of months, but by no way am I convinced. However we have made our neighbour aware, as she has cancer & is entitled to the information. We are also taking the pips ourselves so that she can be confident they are not poisonous in the usual sense. If we felt ill we would abandon the whole idea, but we're fine so I wonder what all the fuss is about.

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        Jul 29 2012: This site lists some


        But most of the ones I remember are from the 80s. The stuff has not been legal in the US since that time.

        Here is a journal article from around that time:


        Here is the FDA findings:


        And just to make sure you understand this is not just coming from America, here is one from the UK


        The stuff is not even a vitamin.