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Every action you take carries more meaning than you think! !

This is basically one of those 5 minute thoughts of mine which i found convincing and worth sharing.

We all are connected in some way be it direct or indirect. This is nothing new and the butterfly effect or "chaos theory" today count as common knowledge. So theres no "i got an idea noone else had before".

Just a small reminder :o)

However i for me personally found that every decision i make must necessarily lead to an outcome or take an influence which i might not know about or produce secondary effects which i havent aware of when i made the decision.

We all are part of communities be it the family, school, company or state in which each individual action forms what we call the "image" of it.
And therefore i think its worth thinking twice as often as you possibly can whilst bearing in mind your personal utopia or the community you would want to live in.
Because every action you take has an influence far greater then you might expect and the path "we" take is the path I form.

Thanks for reading, now get back to doing what you did before (or reply :P).

... and always remember: You cant predict the outcome but you can set the origin.

  • Jul 27 2012: hi Max

    It is the moment of your decision that shape your future!

    thinking twice may create dilemma, which many of us may not be comfortable with that dilemmas.
    there are many type of personality and each of them have their own way of making decisions.
    Some needs time, some needs someone else tell them, some needs to see/hear/feel, etc

    This is not fun at all, when some people can find out our decision making strategies and influence them.
    have you even been in a situation when your buy an x product and then realized that you actually didn't need it?
    have you tried to go back in your mind and try to find out how that happened?
    neither this is fun being manipulated. and it is tough to know when we are being manipulated.
    same salespeople/negotiators are good at it. bear in mind!

    Familiar with Ericksonian hypnotic suggestions?
    there are many linguistic patterns our schools don't teach us.
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      Jul 28 2012: I dont really understand where you are going, however i have to give you a thumbs up because i have the feeling im about t learn something ;o).

      I ofcourse had the feeling to have bought something i didnt want, and in that case ofcourse someone else was smarter then me, but in many cases im about to buy something i dont need but realize i dont need it fast enough, or i just make the store take it back. Which usually is realized by thinking twice :P

      And well what happend was always the same: being obsessed with something that brings on or promises to bring on certain emotions. And i finally came to the conclusion that its those basic emotions they seek to abuse. But in the end i feel ashamed infront of myself if i fell for it, and thats the moment when its about time to think twice and i start thinking twice if something similiar happens again.

      I indeed am an emotional person, however making the right use of them is a skill like everyone else.

      The name Ericksonian doesnt tell me alot but incase you are talking about those subtile forms of hypnosis which arent based upon direct commands but rather in indirect suggestions in which the person confronted with them may be unaware or aware of and they still work then yes i am familiar with them.

      But meeh names never meant something to me aswell as dates or plain facts which dont help you understanding the processes behind them.
  • Jul 28 2012: This is indeed an important idea, especially with respect to acts of kindness. The full effect of simple acts can be much greater than the direct effect.

    Thank you, Max, for this reminder.
  • Jul 28 2012: thinking about something twice is good, IF, IMHO, it didn't come to one through intuition.
    If it came through intuition, then it should be acted upon immediately without a thought.

    that is what intuition is for and that is why it isn't thought but comes up and out like a thought, but didn't come from where thoughts come from.
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    Jul 26 2012: Well said! I will try to be ever more mindful of the ramifications.