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How the poor people will live in high rates of inflation?

A poor person is a person who is excluded from living a "reasonable". Food is the most important component in the consumption of the poor (about 50%). Inflation affects the poor because their consumption basket is more expensive than the rest. They suffer most from a decline in purchasing power.
The poor are also disadvantaged in terms of consumption because their ability to leverage funding is very limited. You and I can buy at fixed odds, get a promo card, etc.. And with that you can dodge enough of the inflationary impact. But the poor who have less access to financial products. When prices rise, there is no escape.

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    Jul 28 2012: Perportionally the same as they do now in comparison. The bread loaf has two parts upper crust and lower crust. The wealth guest always gets the upper crust at meal time and sits at the head of the table in the only chair, thus is the chairman. I love trivia.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Jul 26 2012: Inflation is certainly a particular hardship for the unemployed and those on fixed incomes that are not tied to inflation.
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    Jul 29 2012: Rich people becoming more rich while poor people becoming more poor.
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    Jul 26 2012: I hope that V will get more answer about this issue on this topic by educated people