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Identity Based on Conditioning (are you really an Individual?)

Your Parents and Elders are always telling you to be yourself, or be your own person. They encourage you to try new things as you grow up and always are trying to raise you to be individual. But the very act of raising a child invoves conditioning, instilling certain values and interests into children via words or actions, and not only this, but teachers and many other people influence a growing child in many different ways. So the question is, Are you realy an individual if your childhood is conditioned?


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    Jul 27 2012: Identity is an interesting concept. We humans have many of the same attributes, opinions, emotions, and experiences; however, our interpretations differ which is what makes us individuals. I think the answer to your debate is that yes we are individuals because no matter how much our childhood is conditioned we have the capacity to think subjectively for ourselves at a certain age.

    I hope this makes sense, good debate!

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