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The Relentless Learner has become the most important person in the worldwide search for talent. How can we identify them?

Most relentless learners are independent learners. The take programs, attend events, go online and learn in as many ways as they can. And they learn because they are driven to know and know-how things are done. When that thing is related to their performance at work, they trump what is casually referred to as "talent" and leave static event-based degrees and certifications in the dust. Every great innovation and invention can be traced to a relentless learner, yet they are the least understood, rewarded and identified hidden asset an organization or field of study can have. How do we identify and support the relentless learners?


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    Jul 26 2012: i'm a relentless learner, and you can support me by sending chocolate
    • Jul 27 2012: How about I send you the recipe and you can relentlessly learn to make as much as you can eat?
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        Jul 28 2012: thanks but no thanks. i can find it for myself within 47 seconds. the division of labor works as this: i continue to listen to leonard susskind's lecture on string theory, and you send chocolate.

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