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What is the "best" way to certify the biomass fuel?

The biomass is used in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants for reducing the negative impacts from electricity and heat production on social and environmental sustainablility. For securing the sustainability of such a biomass the sustainability criteria/indicators are in corporated in the certification/verification systems to assess whether the fuel is sustainable. There are many initiatives (FSC, EC-RED, US-RFS, BSI, etc.) that attempt to develop the set of criteria and indicators that could identify the sustainability of such a fuel. But the problem is that there exist too many of these criteria and certification systems, what create obstacles for biomass trade. It encourages the "shopping" in order to be certified. We cannot wait for ISO standard to come and we need to develop a system that would enshure the biomass fuel sustainability and would help suppliers and users to promote the biomass energy.

The question is how to overcome the obstacles and to certify the biomass in an efficient and easy way even today? How to innovate the system and to enshure the sustainability of biomass fuel (pellets, chip, biodesel, ethanol, etc.)?
How to motive governments in the developing countries to promote sustainable cultivation and production of biomass fuel? (The developing countries are often main exporters of such a fuel)