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What do you expect when you travel to another country?

If you are in a foreign country, what do you expect, what do you want to see, what would you like to learn and take away from that place?

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    Jul 27 2012: Good food.That's pretty much it.The rest ( eg.friendship,cultural exchange etc.) will soon follow.
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      Jul 28 2012: Muhammad that is a beautiful input, I do believe that food exchange is an amazing cultural exchange. Would you try anything?
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        Jul 28 2012: Believe me, I would try just about anything that's edible.I remember my trip to China where I sampled an Uyghur delicacy which was salted goat's leg.It looked revolting at first and once I tasted it, tears flowed from my eyes due to the saltiness of the goat.Then, a Chinese man sitting beside me started to laugh at me.We instantly became friends.
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          Jul 28 2012: That is amazing, thanks for sharing Muhammad!

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