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homosexual marriage

I have had several conversations about this topic lately and began to think that most people are arguing about two different things. I think before ever talking about it we must define what we believe marriage to be.

For example, I believe a marriage is a union between one man and one woman to love each other and, if God wills, have children. So, with that view of what marriage is, homeosexual marriage is not possible. It isn't that they aren't good enough or are evil, it simply can't happen. I know many people disagree with that definition, and I think that is the major point of argument.

I was wondering what others thought about it?


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    Jul 26 2012: I remember a comment I read or heard (I don't remember how It got in my head lol) which was, don't homosexual people pay the same taxes as heterosexual people? This argument pretty much sums up how useless all the discussion about the topic is.
    PS: I'm just talking about getting homosexual marriage legal in the eyes of the government, I don't care about all those other eyes.

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