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The teachers' salary is the key of increasing the education quality?

Some of people think that the key of increasing educatin quality is increasing the teachers' salary. But I don't agree.Could you please give me some ideas to overthrow this view?Thanks a lot.


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    Jul 25 2012: A higher salary is definitely an incentive for more people to become teachers. Moreover, it would give teachers more reason to perform at a higher efficiency to hold this position or achieve a higher salary (very similar to the private sector).

    However, just because there are more teachers and perhaps an improved quality of the childrens' education, does that necessarily mean that the students are absorbing said education properly? Are simple teaching methods enough? Or does technology need to step in for those students who are struggling with basic learning?
    Many students these days have very short attention span and each develop certain needs to retain information. In this case, an increased salary would suck up resources from school budgets which provide computers and enhanced learning environments for the children of the 21st century.
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      Jul 25 2012: At least in the United States, there is no shortage of teachers. Highly qualified people enter teaching, even knowing the pay tends not to be generous.
      Retention is an issue, but not because of salary. Many more people leave, I believe, because of working conditions than because of pay.
      • Jul 27 2012: But isn't pay a way of compensating for working conditions, and increasing retention?
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          Jul 27 2012: In some situations it can be, but I think it is much more efficient to improve working conditions.

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