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The teachers' salary is the key of increasing the education quality?

Some of people think that the key of increasing educatin quality is increasing the teachers' salary. But I don't agree.Could you please give me some ideas to overthrow this view?Thanks a lot.


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    Jul 27 2012: If a teacher only want's money, then that "teacher" shouldn't be a teacher at all.
    • Jul 27 2012: The problem is that some of the brightest and most qualified people to be teachers, are not attracted to teaching because they could use their intellect to do something that is more logical with regard to sending their children to college, buying a house, and getting other things they may want and/or need. I agree that a great teacher normally loves what they do, but why would that also mean they shouldn’t be better compensated for doing the job that very well may be the most important to our countries future.
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        Jul 27 2012: I think they should be correctly compensated for their work, but If a teacher doesn't truly enjoy being a teacher, then they should use their intellect elsewhere.
    • Jul 28 2012: Plus they are the dumbest person alive for seeking financial affluence through teaching that's for sure!
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      Jul 31 2012: Most teachers enter the profession with the goal of helping create a foundation for society and other altruistic goals. This does not mean that they should not be compensated for their work. Even if a lawyer enjoys her job, she expects to be compensated well. The same holds true for teachers.

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