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What motivates us more, avoiding pain or gaining pleasure?

Very interested in the views out there, maybe its not a simple answer...

I tend to think that pleasure is the stronger of the two.

Is there a simple proven answer or is it opinion?


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    Jul 25 2012: Actually self-actualization is what motivates me. I want to be more and more what I already am.
    I believe I am love. Man is created in God's image and God is love. I am made out of love and I need to actualize myself, so I'll be the love that I already am.
    So self-actualization is both a goal and the way to the goal. And in my way of self-actualization I experience pains and pleasures as any other human. And in either pain or pleasure I keep actualizing myself; I keep loving myself. I support my beloved self; I listen to myself, I try to understand myself and I work on getting the needs of myself met; all the needs including the need of self-actualization.
    What I want to say, that if yourself is your beloved child, you'd like of course to make him happy and let him have fun and pleasures. You'd make your best to safe him from pain. But it's not all about avoiding pain and providing pleasure, it's about your love to your child because sometimes you'll have to accept hat your beloved child suffers or is deprived of some pleasures when you believe you are doing him something good as when you accept that your own child undergoes a painful medical procedure if he needed to.
    It' all about self love, that's what I want to say. Love yourself and your self will be supported in the time of pain.

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