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The best way to increase education quality is to increase teachers' salary.

There is a belif that the low income of teachers leads to the poor quality of education .What's you opinion about the topic ?If you don't agree with the topic , what do you think is the best way to improve the education quality.


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  • Jul 25 2012: Yeah, what I think is this: People have cases. We want to improve, build, or destroy things. When the cases become folk's cases, that means we almost succeed it.
    For example, our shared case is improving education. Lots of students are aware of the problems of education, so that means education case nearly succeed.
    I want to add this: I want to be the primeminister:D Because I want to improve and fix education, language, my country, etc. The direct solution is this, I think. It seems like a dream, but no, it's not:D

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